10 Reasons Why X-Men Is The Best Superhero Movie Franchise

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One of the superhero movie franchises that has won the hearts of many is ‘X-Men’. By the looks of the money it has made at the box office, it’s clear that movie goers are liking and appreciating it. To many people, this superhero movie franchise is the best of all the superheroes movies. Here are the reasons why.

1) It Has Many Characters

To all those, who find it boring when a superhero movie focuses on only one superhero and one villain, watching the ‘X-Men’ franchise is like heaven. It has so many characters to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. You get to side with the good superheroes or the bad ones, which is really cool.

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2) X-Men Has The Coolest Characters

Speaking of cool, X-Men is the superhero movie that has the coolest characters. This movie franchise has the kind of stories that make even a crippled man have an interesting story and awesome superpower. It is no wonder why some of the audiences side with the bad superheroes, simply because they are cooler than the good superheroes.

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3) Most Good-Looking People Are In X-Men

It is without a doubt that the X-Men has some of the best looking cast From James McAvoy to Michael Fassbender, you don’t have to wonder why so many girls are lining up to watch ‘X-Men’. As for the guys, how about the new additions of Olivia Munn and Alexandra Shipp

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4) X-Men Stands Out On Its Own

There have been more than 50 superhero movies that came out since the year 2000 and yet today, ‘X-Men’ still manages to stay relevant among movie goers. It has garnered itself a steady group of fans who can’t stop anticipating the next ‘X-Men’ movie.

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5) Academy Award-Nominated Actors

‘X-Men’ is the only superhero franchise that has the highest number of award winning actors among its cast. Now what other reasons do you need to agree that X-Men is the best superhero movie franchise?

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6) It Just Keeps Getting Bigger And Better

This is probably the only franchise that keeps getting bigger and better. Yes, fans are excited every time a new ‘X-Men’ movie is announced and when it does release, they wonder how the next one will be better. Then 2 years later, boom! They are in for another surprise!

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7) It Never Gets Boring

One thing that the ‘X-Men’ brings to the table is change despite being consistent through the addition of new mutants. This superhero movie franchise is the only one around that keeps adding more characters in addition to the characters that are already there in the story. It can get confusing, but the story line is built in such an ease and consistent way that it all blends in.

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8) The Wolverine

Wolverine/Logan, played by Hugh Jackman, has been a recurring appearance in 7 of the ‘X-Men’ films. Sometimes, he’s there for a while and other times, he’s there for a mere 30-second. Either way, fans look forward for Hugh Jackman to come on screen and be the Wolverine that he is known to be.

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9) Past and Future

‘X-Men’ has the privilege of having both the younger and older versions of two of its main characters appear in the same film. In ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, Patrick Stewart, who plays the future bald Professor X, is seen on the same screen with James McAcoy, who plays the younger version of Professor X. In the same film, we get to see Ian McKellen as the older version of Magneto and Michael Fassbender as the younger version of the same character.

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10) Old And New Cast of X-Men In The Same Film

It’s the first time in the history of superhero movies that fans get to see the old and new cast of a superhero film together in one film. In ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, fans of the movie franchise get to see the old cast at the end of the movie. The real surprise for the fans came at the end of the film when they saw characters like Beast, Iceman, Rogue, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey and Cyclops, who all play older versions of their characters.