Caryn Lee Make Up Artist Creates Natural Complexion

Image credit: Caryn Lee Make Up Artist

There is of lot of stress and preparation that goes into wedding planning as it happens once in a lifetime. Not only does it requires a lot of research and time to look for the right venues and vendors, but securing a skillful make up artist typically requires booking in advance as they can be in demand. There are various talented make up artists available in the market. However, it is crucial to find one that suits your style and skin type. If you need an artist who can help you achieve the natural, flawless complexion – be sure to check out Caryn Lee Make Up Artist.

About Caryn Lee Make Up Artist

Caryn Lee is a make up artist in Malaysia (primarily around Klang Valley and more) and have over 4 years of experience in the wedding industry. As a make up artist, she considers herself a creative person who loves the creative process behind every single bridal make up application. She is incredibly passionate about making brides not just look, but also feel beautiful. To be able to be part of her beautiful bride’s big day makes her feel extremely grateful and honoured.

Image credit: Caryn Lee Make Up Artist

Every Bride Deserves To Look Her Best

Caryn Lee refined her skills and invested in a professional make up application – the Airbrush technique. It gives the appearance of flawless complexion, resulting in a natural look that evens skin tone and covers virtually every skin flaw. Furthermore, there is great emphasis by the brides to want to look their best on their big day. The challenge is achieving the brides dreams within a reasonable budget. That’s where Caryn Lee comes in – she tries her best to understand her client’s needs and requirements. As a result, she provides her best and professional skills. Doing this takes a lot of efforts and passion, but helping her clients put on their beautiful and happy smile makes it is all worth it.

Image credit: Caryn Lee Make Up Artist

Perseverance In Her Passion

Caryn took up a make up course after graduating from high school. She was 18 years old when she recalls if being a make up artist is her calling. After finding a mentor and working with wedding photographers, she found her passion to be a make up artist. Every achievement, whether great or small, always starts with a first step. In addition, Caryn loves challenges as they provide opportunities to grow in many ways. They push her out of her comfort zone and let her exercise her creative muscles. Caryn is determined to always face life challenges head on and to grow herself better.

Image credit: Caryn Lee Make Up Artist

Making A Name For Herself

Caryn believes that every make up artist has her own unique style. Her style leans more to towards a natural and classy appearance. Additionally, she wants her bride to feel beautiful when they look into the mirror, looking perfectly natural as though they are not wearing any make up. Its not about changing their appearance but about bringing out their true beauty. Apart from make up services, she has also completed a course in eyebrow embroidery. That is another achievement in her career that she is proud of. In five years, her goal is to own a studio and provide personal make up courses.

Image credit: Caryn Lee Make Up Artist

“Never stop chasing your dreams.”

– Caryn Lee

Feel beautiful, inside out: