Get Your Dose Of Happiness At Happiness Confectionery

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There are many different types of comfort food out there, and everyone has their favourite. Among the ranks of comfort food include baked goods and confectionery items, whether old-school or modern. It seems like there’s just something about these pastries that bring you back to happier times! If you’re starting to salivate at the thought of “pastries”, check out Happiness Confectionery, where they bake and serve up your dose of happiness!

About Happiness Confectionery

Happiness Confectionery is a traditional pastry manufacturer, specialising in Chinese pastries. Having been in the industry since the 70s and officially set up since the 80s, Happiness Confectionery is currently helmed by the third generation. Besides traditional and Chinese pastries, they also help support local seasonal festivities by providing baked goods such as mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, or Tortoise Buns for the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. The third generation owner himself is also a passionate baker, and he is aiming to bridge the gap between tradition and digitalisation for his family business.

Image Credit: Happiness Confectionery

Bringing Consistent Happiness Over The Times

Being one of the pioneers of local pastry baking in Ipoh, Happiness Confectionery is now toeing the line of tradition vs. technology. Over the years, Ipoh has risen in fame as a tourist destination, and Happiness Confectionery is keeping up with the times, digitalising and rebranding their products while maintaining top-notch quality to delivery happiness consistently. As aforementioned, Happiness Confectionery is a family business; founded by the current owner’s grandfather, developed by his father, and now being turned around by himself. The team at Happiness Confectionery consists of veteran bakers that have been with them for years, while relatives within the family are also in the industry, helping out with different needs in the market.

Image Credit: Happiness Confectionery

Now Going Digital!

As more and more people learn about Ipoh and its baked goods, Happiness Confectionery has also set up store on Shopee in an effort to introduce their biscuits to a wider audience, and for ease of access. Some of their products include mooncakes, traditional flavour peanut candy, salted flavour peanut candy, shat kek ma, crispy chicken biscuits, and walnut biscuits (hup tou sou) among others. Everyone from young adults to the elderly should try their baked goods; getting a dose of happiness either from novelty or nostalgia. Till today, they insist on the values instilled by its founders: all products are freshly handmade daily using the traditional methods. Many local bakeries have gone big, but to them, it is not really about going big and commercial.

Image Credit: Happiness Confectionery

Making A Name For Themselves

The downside to not “going big” is that they don’t get to be among the “top choices” among new customers, though once customers try their products, they do become hooked and come back for more. Currently, they are improving on their branding for better recognition and exposure. Some customers also refuse to try their products are they do not see a “crowded” shop, so brand association is a little hiccup at the moment. However, since they’ve gone online on Shopee, they have managed to build quite the fanbase based on reviews and feedback. Though they are extremely pleased by this, they still acknowledge that having their own retail store has been a great milestone for them. In the future, they look forward to expand into other states, and to leverage on modern technology to expand internationally as well!

Image Credit: Happiness Confectionery

“There is no short-cut in life especially when it comes to traditional handmade biscuits baking.” – Happiness Confectionery

For your dose of happiness, shop now on Shopee!