8 Warning Signs That Can Only Be Found in Malaysia

Image Credit: furama.com

Warning signs tell a lot about a country and its culture. Ask why in the first place we need warning signs? We need them because there are people who are not doing things right. Here are 8 warning signs that can only be found in Malaysia.

1) Please Do Not Litter Sign

Somehow people love to throw rubbish at where the warning sign is.

2) Durians & Mangosteens Are Not Permitted Sign

Only in Malaysia.

3) No Spitting Sign

And… why do we need a ‘No Spitting Sign’ at the Water Drinking Station?

4) Beware of Snatch Thief Sign

Malaysia Boleh!

5) How to Use Toilet Sign

It’s sad to still see this sign around.

6) No Bathing In The Public Toilet Sign

And this one too.

7) Say No to Taxi Touts Sign

Says a lot about the quality of our taxi drivers.

warning signs

8) You Are Worst Than the Monkey Sign

And the champion of all signs, we have no choice but to compare people to monkey.

warning signs