Top 10 Lighting Shops in Singapore 2021

There are many factors that go into making a home uniquely yours, including colours, furniture, and the style of your interior design. But remember not to overlook lighting, for strategically placed lights can help set the mood for each space, be it the living room, dining room, or the bedroom. Whether you’re looking for simple light bulbs or fancy lights to bring your lighting dreams to life, here are the Top 10 Lighting Shops in Singapore 2021!

1) THREE CUBES – Singapore

THREE CUBES made its debut in 2012, and today they are a leading lighting partner for those who are looking to light up their spaces, especially beyond the basic function of just providing illumination. They have a number of products under different brands, namely Z ELITE, DALEN, INNR, LANIBER, LUZ, MEGAMAN, and PHILIPS to name a few, and their lights are also divided into a few different categories to suit your needs, including smart lights and eyes-safe lights, and they also further categorise their lights by ceiling type. Besides lights, they also provide ceiling fans, and home decor features such as contemporary art and design wall art, art furniture, and mirrors. | FB: THREE CUBES – Singapore | IG: @55threecubes

2) Regal Lighting Gallery Singapore

Regal Lighting Gallery Singapore prides themselves on providing affordable and quality LED lighting solutions, carefully curating their LED lighting solutions from reputable sources for quality products. But it doesn’t stop there: in a mission to provide the best for customers, they also update their selections from time to time. Light selections at Regal Lighting Gallery Singapore are plentiful, ranging from ceiling lights, downlights, pendant lights, spotlights, track lights, LED wall lights, and even chandeliers. Apart from providing lighting solutions, they also house ceiling fans as well as bathroom and kitchen fixtures and accessories. | FB: Regal Lighting Gallery | IG:

3) Shiok Lighting

At Shiok Lighting, they believe that light is critical in telling a story, but ultimately, it reveals the personality of the occupants. Meshing aesthetics and practicality, Shiok Lighting walks the fine line between both to bring you products that are both pretty and functional for your space. As such, both the aforementioned aspects have become the guiding force for them to select a collection for those who share the same sentiments since 2011. You can discover a range of lighting options here, ranging from ceiling lamps, track lights, spotlights, wall lamps, and floor and table lamps. | FB: Shiok Lighting | IG: @shioklighting

4) Sembawang Lighting House

Sembawang Lighting House has been in operations since 1997, so trust they know how to do a good job with your lighting. Some of the brands they provide include SLH, Liniq, and Sunshine. They have plenty of lights available here, including pendant/hanging lights, ceiling lights, chandeliers, track lights, downlights and wall lights. If you’re not sure what those mean, you can also check out the lights they have categorised via living space, such as for the living room, toilet or bedroom. Besides lights, they also install ceiling fans, with or without lights. | FB: Sembawang Lighting House Pte Ltd | IG: @sembawanglighting

5) Light Phase Singapore Pte Ltd

Light Phase has been around since 1991, providing holistic lighting solution to industry partners such as architects, engineers and designers by incorporating the latest technology and design tools. It comes as no surprise that they have a large, diverse portfolio consisting of hotels, luxury residential properties, commercial offices, and institutional ventures. Visit their website to check out their gallery, where they feature projects, as well as a list of their available products! | FB: Light Phase Singapore Pte Ltd | IG: @lightphase

6) Lights & Co.

Specialising in designer lightings and LED lightings, Lights & Co. currently has no brick-and-mortar store to keep prices and services competitive. They aim to provide designer home essentials that exude design and quality while remaining affordable for everyone. Their product range includes industrial, minimalist, modern, and Scandinavian lightings as well as LED lights, and you can also get free delivery for orders above $250. On their website, each type of lighting is categorised neatly for ease of navigation, so check it out! | FB: Lights&Co. | IG: @lightsandco

7) L&H Lighting

L&H Lighting is the product of a close-knit friendship, launches in 2014, and comprising of a team of five who has more than two decades’ worth of experience in the construction industry, mainly in plaster ceiling and wiring. In an effort to provide expert advice and cater to customers’ needs, they went one step further and started L&H Lighting to provide lighting solutions and ceiling fans as well. As a one-stop lighting specialist, they offer a vast range of designs and products to illuminate your space. Their staff is equally equipped with expert product knowledge of lighting and electrical topics and shares their comprehensive experience in interior design and furniture decoration. | FB: L&H Lighting | IG:

8) Home First Lighting

It all started in 2015 with a family that had a dream of becoming entrepreneurs, and an understanding of how important good lighting is, be it for a small, cosy home, or an upscale restaurant located on the rooftop of a skyscraper. They were excited when they got their keys to their own space, and decided to share this excitement with more by setting up shop. Now, they house a variety of lighting options and product brands, ranging from pendant lights to track lights with brands like Dalen and Yeelight. Besides lights, they house ceiling fans as well. | FB: Home First Lighting | IG: @homefirst_singapore


Founded by Mr William Poon in 2008, GLOS provides superior quality and energy-efficient bespoke lighting solutions to residences and commercial spaces alike. Mr Poon has more than 30 years of experience, and believes that “quality is the key to exclusivity”. They have a range of products available, including recessed/mounted ceiling/wall lights, landscape lights, LED lights, and more. Using architectural lighting, they help create a world that is beyond imagination. | FB: GLOS | IG: @gloslighting

10) Lights N Showers

Founded in 2013, Lights N Showers is all about minimising the environmental impacts of traditional lighting through the use of LED lighting products without compromising style. As such, if you’re on the hunt for designer lighting fixtures that will definitely lend your space an exclusive air, Lights N Showers can deliver! Besides lighting, they also provide bathroom features and accessories, where catalogues are available on their website. | FB: Lights N Showers | IG: @lightsnshowers

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