4 Famous Bakkwa Brands To Buy This Chinese New Year

Other than the obligatory homemade peanut cookies, pineapple tarts and kuih kapit (love letters), the Chinese New Year season wouldn’t be complete without this sweet and savoury meaty snack. That snack in question is dried meat/barbecued meat, better known as bakkwa. Although they are usually available in classic chicken and pork, you can find other flavours such as beef, squid and ostrich. Here are 4 Famous Bakkwa Brands To Buy This Chinese New Year.

1) Bee Cheng Hiang

Bee Cheng Hiang has come a long way since its humble beginnings back in 1933. How time has changed since the early days of selling homemade dried meat (bakkwa) on a mobile cart. Today, the brand has grown into a business empire with over 370 outlets in 13 territories. Bee Cheng Hiang also prides itself in offering only quality bakkwa without the likes of meat tenderiser, preservatives or artificial colouring. Some of their all-time bestsellers include Sliced Pork, Sliced Chilli Pork and Sliced Chicken. You can check out their store locations throughout Malaysia right here.

Image Credit: @beechenghiangmys

2) Loong Kee

Here’s another brand which is no stranger to producing quality bakkwa, given its longstanding establishment since 1976. The name of the brand actually comes from two words: “Loong” (dragon) and “Kee” (remembrance and impression). Bakkwa lovers can look forward to their delectable range of dried meats such as pork, chicken, chilli pork and black pepper pork. You might also want to try their signature Gui Fei, made from sliced streaky pork marinated with the brand’s secret recipe. Then, there’s Heong Fei — the dried meat made entirely from pork belly. You can choose to shop online right here or use their handy store locator to find your nearest outlet.

Image Credit: loongkee.com.my

3) Oloiya

Most of us bakkwa lovers know the name from the brand’s famous mascot — a yellow chicken in a white Oloiya sash flexing its muscles while wearing a pair of red boxing gloves. Founded by Mr Khue Chow Kong and Mdm. Chin Keon Yock, they first started out as humble stall owners selling dried meat in Petaling Street. That was way back in the 1970s before the brand gradually made its mark as a successful franchise. They are also reputed for being the first dried meat brand to use semi-automated equipment during their manufacturing process. They are also the first dried meat brand to receive international certifications between 2007 and 2011 including ISO, HACCP and MeSTI. Oloiya’s range of dried meats typically consists of chicken and pork. Those who have a problem of chewing dried meat may try their “Lovely Heart” chicken or pork varieties, which happen to be juicier and more tender to the bite. The brand even introduced the calorie-less version (Zi Zu Less Sugar Pork), in which their dried meat is specially sweetened with natural Stevia extract. Other than the usual chicken and pork, you can also find other unique flavours including squid and (freshwater) shrimps. Shop their products right here or locate one of their outlets throughout Malaysia.

Image Credit: oloiya.com

4) Wing Heong

Established by Mr Mun Wing in the early 1970s, the Wing Heong brand is synonymous with quality bakkwa that only uses non-frozen and top-grade meat. Thanks to his family recipe, Wing Heong’s range of dried meats have gained a loyal following over the decade among many bakkwa lovers. You can find classic dried meat varieties including pork and chicken. For the former, they also include the likes of BBQ Honey Bacon (lean bacon meat drizzled with wild honey) and Spicy Pork (lean pork meat with chilli flakes). If that’s not enough, Wing Heong offers customers more dried meat varieties in the form of BBQ Sliced Beef and even the unique BBQ Ostrich Meat, with the latter made from premium minced ostrich meat. And with this month’s Chinese New Year season, you can choose to purchase their special Wing Heong CNY Gift Box that comes in Bundle A (RM 268) or Bundle B (RM 188). Shop their products right here or visit one of Wing Heong’s outlets in Peninsular Malaysia.

Image Credit: @WingHeong