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There are many things that inevitably go through new parents’ minds when it comes to their baby, mostly regarding how to care for their baby, especially for first-time parents. Feeding and bathing them as well as changing their diapers may come to mind readily, but one aspect less talked about is holding or carrying them properly. And not just for newborns, for babies need to be carried around for quite some time, whether you’re at home, or heading out. Not to mention that close contact between the parent and child can help the bonding process. One way to keep your baby close to you yet leaving your hands free is to use a baby sling or carrier, and Baby Slings & Carriers are the expert here!

About Baby Slings & Carriers

Launched in 2007, Baby Slings & Carriers is a specialist store catering to parents who emphasise on comfort and ergonomics of baby carriers. When it comes to baby carriers, there is no one-size-fit-all, as different carriers fit different parent-child pairs differently. Some families may also have unique issues or preferences to take into account, and Baby Slings & Carriers help them Get The Right Fit. They also provide Babywearing Consults, a troubleshooting and consultation service meant for parents who have existing baby carriers but find them uncomfortable for either themselves or the baby. Before its launch, there seemed to be scarce knowledge of babywearing, much less about ergonomics and choosing the right fit. The founder herself was a new mom who found empowerment in using a locally-made sling ring, and thus Baby Slings & Carriers was born.

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For The Parents, For The Babies

The founders and team of Baby Slings & Carriers have all been baby caretakers before, and therefore are knowledgeable about how a properly-fitted carrier works wonders. For starters, they have experienced first hand that properly-fitted carriers help a baby be more comfortable and easier to calm, and a parent can also feel more comfortable when carrying their babies. Rooted in deep interested regarding babies and their natural development, Baby Slings & Carriers aim to cultivate and strong and healthy knowledge-based babywearing culture within the community. They do so by helping parents, parents-to-be and caregivers understand the dynamics of Getting The Right Fit and guiding them towards making an informed decision that is beneficial for both parent and child.

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Professional Babywearing

Baby Slings & Carriers is a pioneer in babywearing, and not just with an online presence. They are actually staffed with qualified, experienced Babywearing Fitting Specialists, and are also the first in Singapore to organise Babywearing Courses, which train Babywearing Consultants. To date, they have inspired and are continuing to train many other similar babywearing businesses, and are well on their way to introduce the concept of a paid babywearing fitting service. Their current fitting service which sees them walking through and trying on options with parents costs $20 for up to an hour, but rebatable for customers to finish within an hour so it becomes complimentary instead. Some visitors take advantage of this service with no intention to purchase, which, though infrequent, is frustrating for them as they put in a lot of time and effort to help them Get The Right Fit.

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Comfortable Babywearing For All

Besides professional service and attention to detail in selecting baby carriers, Baby Slings & Carriers also provide a 2-year babywearing support program for purchases of slings, wraps or carriers made at their store. As a pioneer, they are happy to have created awareness of ergonomic babywearing, not just locally but internationally, as well as producing the first batches of trained Babywearing Consultants in Singapore and Southeast Asia. They hope to reach out to more parents on the importance of a good fitting carrier, and their online presence helps greatly with a wider reach. Baby Slings & Carrier is just one of their company’s retail labels, and you can also check out their other specialty stores such as,, and!

Image Credit: Baby Slings & Carriers

“We believe that every individual makes an impact on the environment including our personal choices in health, cleanliness, family and safety maintenance and our businesses are geared towards this belief.” – Baby Slings & Carriers

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