Would You Pay RM200,000 For A Single Durian From Thailand?

Image credit: beritaharian.com and asia.nikkei.com

Many of us already complain whenever we see durians being sold for high prices. RM40 per kilogram can make some of us shiver in fear. However, a businessman has paid about RM199,289 for just one durian!

On the 1st of June, an auction was held in central Thailand during the King of Durian 2019 festival. At the auction one Kanyao durian was sold to highest bidder at a whopping 1.5 million baht. That is almost RM200,000!

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Image credit: mothership.sg

The Kanyao durian is the most expensive variety of durian in the world because of its creamy texture and sweet taste. Last year, it was sold for 800,000 baht which means this year has set a new record for it.

Only nine fruits were selected to be auctioned off based on the perfect size, shape, and ripeness. The King of Durian festival attracted a lot of wealthy durian loving guests.

The beginning of the auction began at 20,000 baht. Among the varieties on auction were the Monthong, Kop Med Tao, and Kanyao. Each variety managed to snag more than 300,000 baht. Wow, some people will really pay so much for one fruit.

The farmer of the Kanyao durian had not expected to have it sold for more than 1 million baht. Farmer Maliwan Han Chai Thai said “I knew this was a very special durian but I was amazed at how much it sold for. I hope the high bidder enjoys eating the durian.”

The auction successfully raise about 4.5 million baht just by selling durians. All the money will be given to the farmers as well as donated to local charities.

This is a very good cause as the farmers are able to continue growing durians and upkeep their farm. Local charities will also use the money to buy medical equipment for local hospitals.