Top 10 Aquatic Pet Shops in Singapore

Top 10 Aquatic Pet Shops in Singapore
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Looking for different types of fishes to fill in your newly-bought or existing aquarium? Or perhaps shopping for various fish tanks? Well, for your aquatic pets needs, we got them all covered and more with our Top 10 Aquatic Pet Shops in Singapore!

1) Madpetz Aquatic Studio

Madpetz Aquatic Studio

Here’s a one-stop marine aquarium where you can shop for all your aquatic-related needs. Choices are aplenty here, covering everything from different types of aquariums to dosing equipment, water pumps and fish foods & additives. You can shop conveniently online or visit Madpetz Aquatic Studio at their physical outlet. | FB: Madpetz-Aquatic-Studio | IG: @madpetz_aquatic_studio

2) Fresh N Marine

Fresh N Marine

Whether you are looking for the likes of nano or custom-built aquarium tanks, Fresh N Marine has them all under one roof. Other than aquarium tanks, they also offer other aquatic products like additives & supplements, air pumps & accessories, coral propagation and light fixtures. If that’s not enough, you can find various types of freshwater fishes for your aquarium, namely Red Zebra Danio as well as Honey Gourami and Cardinal Tetra. | FB: | IG: @freshnmarine

3) Clementi Florist & Aquarium (C328)

Clementi Florist & Aquarium (C328)

Many regular customers love to shop at Clementi Florist & Aquarium due to their affordable prices, as they have all the essentials here for your aquarium needs such as aquatic plants, accessories and fish foods. Not to mention their shop is well-stocked with various types of fishes and other aquatic pets.

FB: ClementiFlorist&Aquarium

4) AquaMarin Aquatic Pets

AquaMarin Aquatic Pets

Offering various kinds of aquatic supplies and colourful fish species, the latter includes the likes of angelfishes, groupers and wrasses. The staff is known to be friendly and knowledgeable so do not hesitate to reach out to them if you need any assistance. Some of the other products you can find at AquaMarin Aquatic Pets include corals, fish foods, light fixtures, water pumps and fish tanks. | FB: aquamarin.singapore | IG: @aquamarin.singapore

5) Seasonal Aquarium

Seasonal Aquarium

Seasonal Aquarium houses all kinds of marine supplies ranging from fishes to corals and fish tanks, with the latter coming in different sizes and shapes. For fishes alone, you can find assorted species like Lyre Tail Hogfish, Blue Face Anglerfish, Purple Goby, Fowleri Tang and Copperband Butterflyfish. Do follow their Facebook page for more updates on their stock availabilities!

FB: seasonalaquarium | IG: @seasonal_aquarium

6) East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre

East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre

With over 5000 aquatic products to choose from, there’s something for everyone here at East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre. They also happen to be among the longest-running aquarium trade companies in Singapore. Some of the products that you can expect from them include additives & medications, fish tanks & cabinets, fish foods and aquatic plants. Apart from that, East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre offers related services such as aquascaping and aquaculture consultancy. | FB: EastOceanAquatic | IG: @eastoceanaquatic

7) OTF Aquarium Farm

OTF Aquarium Farm

OTF Aquarium Farm has been in the business for over 30 years, where they have their own different kinds of quality farm-bred fishes such as arowanas and stingrays. Other than fishes, OTF also offers various types of aquariums, aquatic plants, pumps, fish foods and lighting. | FB: OTFaquarium | IG: @otfaquariumfarmsg

8) Neo Kim Suey Aquarium

Neo Kim Suey Aquarium

Neo Kim Suey Aquarium covers a wide range of fishes for your aquarium needs, with imported varieties coming from the likes of Congo and Zambia. They also house other related products like livestock, fish foods, fish tanks and aquatic plants. Prices are reasonable while the staff are both friendly and knowledgeable.


9) Toh Aquarium

Toh Aquarium

Toh Aquarium means serious business when it comes to running their aquarium shop. They take pride in offering both quality and healthy fishes. The shop is also well-stocked with related items like aquarium tanks, accessories, pumps and filtration systems. And if you are looking for betta fishes, Toh Aquarium has them as well at reasonable prices. | FB: tohaquarium | IG: @tohaquarium

10) Na Nature Aquarium

Na Nature Aquarium

Beyond its little aquarium shop of Na Nature Aquarium lies plenty of fish tanks, pumps and other marine supplies. Choices may be limited but customers who regularly patronised the shop praised its reasonable prices and friendly services. Visit them at their physical shop or shop conveniently at their online store. | FB: nanatureaquarium | IG: @na_nature_aquarium

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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