Art & Bonding Delivers New Lifestyle Through Art and Fun

Art & Bonding

It is a fact that art provides amazing therapeutic benefits for the mind and soul. However, many people assume that art is only for those who are truly passionate about it. Additionally, when we think of bonding time with friends or family, we often think of outdoor activities or weekend getaways. Art & Bonding are paving the way to use art as a tool to bond people together. It is their fresh concept to use art to create memories and get people closer.

About Art & Bonding

They offer a creative alternative for urbanites to spend quality time with their loved ones. Art & Bonding provides an alternative for people to come and spend time together and also be creative at the same time with your friends. While this is still a new lifestyle activity in Malaysia, they offer services such as”

  • Sip & Paint
  • Art Jamming
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Art & Craft Workshop / Classes
  • Private Events (such as birthday party, hens party etc)
  • Family / Couple art bonding
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Special Events With Your Loved Ones

They run several sessions to suit audience of all ages. Some of their classes include:

  • Sip n Paint: Every Friday and Saturday nights (8pm-11PM), paint 1 theme together with a glass of wine. They always put the theme in advance on their social media platform so that clients can book in advance. If you come in a group of 5 pax, you will get 1 bottle of wine for free.
  • Sip n Paint – Date night : This is the same as Sip n paint, however it takes place on every Wednesday night (8pm – 11pm) and the session is done in a pair-up setting. Recommended for couples, best friends or family members.
  • Private parties: Hens night, Birthday parties, children parties, themed art parties
  • Corporate team building: At studio or at the company location
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Finding Joy In Sharing A Space

It started when the founders Philip & Stephy ran out of dating ideas in Malaysia. Going to the shopping mall & cinema, restaurant & bar has become their daily routine. Something magical happened when Philip was forced by Stephy to paint together with her, they found out that by just sitting together for 2 to 3 hours & creating something together made them connected in a deeper way and get to know each other more and better. It created moments and memories just by painting, so that’s how ‘Art’ and ‘Bonding’ was being put together.

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Bringing People Together With Art

Ultimately, they want to bond people through art. In today’s digitalized world, it is very difficult to have a good quality time to spend good quality time with your loved ones. In addition, we are occupied with our smartphones more than ever. They want to promote art and to make it more accessible to everyone through our happy and fun events. Furthermore, they are trying to develop a new Art-Lifestyle in Malaysia. Most of the Malaysians have never painted since primary school. They are fixated in their mind set that only professional artists can paint. They are here to tell everyone that ‘Now Everyone can paint!’. Through their fun events, people have the chance to get in touch with art again, so do check them out via their website!

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“I believe that nothing is impossible as long as you don’t stop chasing your dream. We never expected that our new business idea was well accepted by the public. hopefully our idea will have a big impact to the community too”

– Philip and Stephy, Art & Bonding

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