The 5 Worst Possible Timings to Take A Bath

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Google “best time to take a bath”, and you’ll end up with many different answers. Some will say take a bath in the morning, whereas some will say an evening bath is better. Or, you may even find an entry that asks you to go 2-3 days without taking a bath. But that’s for winter countries, of course. Instead of trying to tell you when to take a bath, we figured it’s easier to tell you when not to take a bath!

1) Right Before You Sleep

Ah, there’s nothing better than giving yourself a relaxing, hot bath right before you slide under the sheets for a good night’s rest, right? Wrong! Even though it may be relaxing, a hot bath raises your body temperature. Your body actually lowers its temperature in preparation for bed, so if you raise it, you risk insomnia. I know a lot of us city dwellers don’t really have the luxury of taking baths at the “correct” time, so make sure you give yourself 90 minutes between your bath and bed time.

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2) Immediately After Meals

You may have heard of this, since this is quite a common rule of thumb. If you bathe immediately after meals, it will affect your digestion and may cause your blood pressure to be low. For bath times after meals, wait for at least an hour to avoid health complications. With that being said, also try not to take baths when you’re hungry. When you’re hungry, you have low blood sugar levels, and it may cause dizziness.

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3) After Consuming Alcohol

No matter whether you’ll be taking a cold or hot bath, it’s still not a good idea. The myth is that alcohol warms you up, but that’s only for the first drink. Alcohol consumption actually lowers your core body temperature, so if you take a cold bath, you risk falling sick. If you take a hot bath, it facilitates blood circulation, which makes the alcohol run inside your body even more. In turn, your blood pressure may drop, you may feel dizzy, and the bath may even trigger a heart attack or stroke. Looks like slipping and hitting yourself on the head isn’t the worst that can happen when drunk-bathing.

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4) After Working Out

Not only should you not take a bath after a physical work out, but a mental one as well. As long as you’ve just gone through a major energy expenditure, give yourself some time to cool off and settle down first before taking a bath. An immediate bath after “working out” may disrupt blood flow to the brain and/or heart and cause dizziness.

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5) When Your Blood Pressure Is Low

Especially if you plan on taking a hot bath, don’t. The hot water will cause your veins/arteries/capillaries to expand, and when your blood pressure is low, blood supply will be affected. With inadequate blood supply, you are susceptible dizziness in mild cases, or a total collapse in serious cases. Proceed with caution if your blood pressure is low at the moment!

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So, for your good health, remember to not take baths at these specific timings!