Introducing Malaysia’s First Fully-Automated Restaurant

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Whenever you walk into a restaurant, the most likely thing to happen is to hear “Welcome!”, or at least have a face look towards you. However, do not expect any sort of human communication when you eat at grEAT, a fully-automated restaurant in One Utama.

Instead, you collect your food placed in an allocated compartment – accessed by password or a QR code scan. Prior to that, you have to order and pay, all done on your mobile devices.

How does it work?

You don’t have to be at the restaurant itself to order and pay, but you do need to have the WeChat app.
1) First, you scan the restaurant’s QR code using WeChat app.
2) Then, you select the food items of your choice.
3) After that, you checkout, confirm pick-up time, and make payment via bank transfer.
4) When you arrive at the restaurant, you click on the “arrive shop” button, and a message will be sent to you, telling you in which compartment your food is.
5) All you have to do is walk up to that compartment and enter the password or scan the QR code again, and the door will open.

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Even though there are no servers, there are tables and chairs, so you may opt to dine-in. The perk of this system is that you minimise on waiting time, because you can order and pay from wherever you are, before collecting your food. Check out the below tutorial video on how it works:

What sort of food do they serve?

They have “power bowls”, burgers, spaghetti, salad, snacks and dessert, “nice cream”, and drinks. Besides that, they’ve also come up with combo sets, which gives you a drink for your selected meal by topping up RM 3.

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If you really dislike waiting for your food and/or talking to people, this is your kind of restaurant. Head over to LOT LG 328, Lower Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre now for a futuristic dining experience!