Elemen Singapore Offers Wholesome Meat-Free Dining Experience

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When it comes to vegetarian dining, there are many skeptics out there. The common stigma surrounding vegetarian dining typically involves the food being bland with lack of flavour. However, a good chef is able to elevate vegetarian flavours, sometimes even surpassing meat options. If you are still doubtful about vegetarian dining, make sure you head on over to Elemen for a pleasant surprise!

About Elemen

Elemen is a dining concept with a modern interpretation of natural and meatless cuisine. They offer a pleasant dining experience with a focus on serving healthy and natural food, without compromising the sustainability of the environment. Due to the increasing trend of Singaporeans opting for healthier choices and staying healthy, they came up with the idea of creating non-meat dishes that does not compromise on taste.

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Hearty Meals That Benefits Your Health

Their popular dishes include the Wild Mushroom and White Truffle Pizza, Mushroom Risotto with Black Truffle, Sizzling Quinoa Brown Rice and Double-Boiled Maca Soup. Additionally, their menu ranges from Western to Asian cuisine, which means there is definitely something for everyone. Furthermore, their naturally flavourful food and modern presentation not only pleases your taste buds, they will also nourish and heal your body and mind.

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Catering to The Palate of Singaporeans

A good percentage of their customers aren’t vegetarians! In order to change people’s perception towards them, the team is constantly on the lookout for new food ideas and only select quality raw ingredients like Quinoa, Truffle, Maca, and Peach Gum among others. Preparing and cooking these ingredients is done in the simplest way with a light touch of seasoning including sea salt and olive oil to retain the nutrients and the original taste of each ingredient in the cuisine. In addition, it is important to have a good balance between flavours and presentation with the exclusion of processed ingredients.

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Shifting The Perception on Vegetarian Dining

Elemen is unique in its own way, advocating the principles of respecting life, earth and their own creations. Their recipes are not only natural but also meatless, which will nourish your mind and body. Furthermore, their menu changes periodically to keep customers coming back for more healthy goodness. The team is honoured to have received the “Best Asian restaurants” award by Asian Masters/Epicurean Star Award and “Singapore Top Restaurant” by Wine & Dine in 2017 & 2018. Lastly, they plan to open at least 6 outlets in Singapore and to bring their brand overseas.

Image credit: Elemen

“We promote a harmonious and sustainable environment with our creations. This will in turn, provide better living conditions for our future generation.”

– Elemen

Enjoy a meat-free dining experience that benefits your health: