Vasari Launches, Giving Malaysians An Affordable And Eco-Friendly Option For Wall Finishes.

Vasari, a Californian brand that produces natural wall plasters, has officially made their Malaysian debut this year. Their products are made from finely crushed marble, aged lime and natural pigments, perfect for homeowners who prefer a natural finish for their walls.

Why Vasari?

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, a standout factor is that Vasari plasters are luxurious yet reasonably priced. The brand itself has a long history in the United States, having been established more than 15 years ago with the intention to develop a more beautiful looking substitute for paint. Their plasters can bond to a range of surfaces, including conventional primed drywalls. Malaysians can purchase Vasari Plasters from CAO Industries Sdn Bhd, as they are the official and sole distributor of the brand locally.

Vasari’s lime-based products are made with the highest environmental standards in mind, and are non-toxic and odourless. Homeowners will also be pleased to know that the plaster is free of chemicals and resistant to mildew and fungus. These plasters are also often referred to as Venetian plasters, lime stucco or polished plaster.

About Vasari Malaysia

The brand offers three different plaster options called Veneziano, Marmorino and Stucco – all of which are crack and fade resistant. Veneziano contains no sand, and is suitable for both traditional and modern settings. It is applied in thin coats, and can be subtle and matte, or even polished and dramatic, akin to marble in appearance. Marmorino is a thicker plaster, with medium texture and rougher finish. It is applied matte or slightly polished for more variation. Finally, there is Stucco, a heavy sand finish, which is primarily used for exteriors due to its high durability.

In addition to selling plaster products for those who are keen on DIY projects, Vasari Malaysia will also offer supply and laying services for homeowners who would rather have their wall plastering done by professionals. Free training will be provided for those who want to learn how to use Vasari’s products. Vasari Malaysia is also actively looking for applicators and contractors who are interested to collaborate with them for supply and laying services.

“Though Venetian plasters have been used for years and proven for their beauty and longevity in Europe, it is still uncommon here in Malaysia. With the ease of use, affordability and quality of Vasari’s products, we believe more people will plaster their walls with Venetian Plaster, and someday there will be a Vasari wall in every house and building in Malaysia,” said Jack Lee, General Manager of Vasari Malaysia.

For more information, visit Vasari’s Malaysian website at or their Facebook page below.