9 Ways To Make Your Business Known With The New Norm (After Crisis)

Ways to Make Your Business Known

Most businesses were put on hold during the MCO, and it’s safe to say that we can’t operate as we used to before the onslaught of Covid-19. As we slowly rebuild and regain our footing, we must change our ways in accordance to current times. So where do we begin, or how do we start? Well, we’ve gathered 9 ways to make your business known with the new norm surrounding us!

1) Establish Good Online Presence

Nowadays, people are constantly searching for things online. Having good online presence will help your business be more easily discovered! If you can, you should have a website, even if it’s a basic one, which can be just like your virtual shop. Otherwise, set up and utilise social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram just to keep things going.

Online Presence

2) Enhance Your Website SEO

SEO stands for “search engine optimisation”, and it’s basically about increasing visibility of your website or web page to users. As mentioned above, people are constantly performing searches, and it can get competitive. There are a couple of ways you can enhance SEO, such as by using certain keywords that draw potential customers in, improve page loading speed and producing high quality content just to name a few.

Boost SEO

3) Increase Online Visibility

Sometimes, a one-man show just isn’t going to cut it. You may be on fire with your own website and social media platforms, but think about how helpful it would be if other people were talking about you as well! You can collaborate with other businesses, have online media feature you, get listed on listing/recommendation sites… not only does this help build brand awareness and reputation, but it could also help improve SEO.

Increase online visibility

4) Do Content Marketing

People love content! Attractive, quality content at that! You can write blog posts, create videos or infographic posts that are helpful, potentially solving problems or adding value to people’s lives. The more interesting your content is, the more interested people will be, and the more they will return to your site and perk up at what you have to offer!

Digital marketing/online marketing/content marketing

5) Be Sociable

Closely related to item no. 1, social media is another tool you can definitely use to get your name out there. Social media platforms are the way you reach out to your potential customers due to traffic, as everyone is on social media nowadays. Posting constantly is a good way to be seen and create engagement with people, and there are many different types of posts you can create. Of course, you can go “live” to reach out to many different people at one go!

Social media

6) Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers, or KOLs (key opinion leaders), usually have a substantial follower base, and that can be really helpful for you if they talk about/showcase your products/services on their pages. So reach out to selected influencers, and strike up a conversation on how you can make things work!


7) Get Good Reviews/Testimonials Online

When performing searches and approaching businesses, a lot of people check out the reviews before deciding if they should proceed. As much as possible, try to get some good reviews on online platforms. When people see these good reviews, it builds their faith in you, making it more likely for them to approach you. Google and Facebook among other sites do feature reviews, or you can also check out local recommendation website Carilocal. Also, don’t forget to find out why you should list your business on Carilocal!

Get discovered on Carilocal.com

8) Offer Online Promotions

Don’t you love special offers, discounts and promotions? Of course you do, and so does everyone else! Promotions are a good way for customers to buy your products/services, and if they like it they’ll definitely be back for more! So get cracking and figure out some promo plans to offer to your customers – everyone will love them!

Special offer

9) Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to develop and maintain a relationship with existing customers. It’s a good way for you to connect with them, and to just inform them what’s new with you. “What’s new” may potentially interest them, so you could create a regular e-newsletter routine that goes out at certain times. Do also give some thought to your e-newsletter content, because nobody likes receiving “news that isn’t really news”.

Email marketing

With that, we hope you’ve picked up some helpful tips on making your business known. We are facing uncertain times indeed, but we’re confident we can push through, because human beings are resilient! Life goes on, and so will we!