A Lovely Evening with Flutescents, Malaysia’s Award-Winning Flute Ensemble

Image Credit: Flutescents

Music lovers, have you heard of Flutescents before? Flutescents is a not-for-profit musical ensemble, and they are the first flute ensemble from Malaysia to be invited to perform at the Australian International Flute Festival.

Australian International Flute Festival

The festival, which will take place in July this year, is a biennial event that brings together Australia’s best talents with various international artistes and groups. This year’s highlights include renowned flutists, Denis Bouriakov (Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Principal Flutist), and Wissam Boustany (International English Flute Soloist).

The festival is a great platform for musicians to present musical ideas and exchange cultural experiences with international renowned flute artistes and ensembles. The quintet recital by Flutescents will include P. Ramlee’s iconic “Getaran Jiwa” rearranged by one of the members, Chie Haur.

“We hope that we are not only demonstrating our western classical music interpretation to the audience but also sharing Malaysia’s music culture and identity with them.” said Mr. Brian Choong, Founder & Flutist of Flutescents.

To make this trip happen, Flutescents will have to raise RM33,000 (approximately AUS$11,000). As such, the ensemble is organising a pre-tour fundraising concert on 22nd June 2019 at 1 Mont Kiara. They humbly seek the public’s generosity in sponsoring and supporting them.

Image Credit: australianflutefestival.com

Pre-Tour Fundraising Concert

Date: 22nd June 2019 (Saturday)/23rd June 2019 (Sunday)
Time: 8:00pm (Saturday)/7:00 pm (Sunday)
Entry Donation: RM50
Venue: Mont Kiara Community Centre
Address: Menara 1 MK, Premier Suite Level 16-1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara.

Sponsorship Methods:
1. Platinum Sponsor: RM5,000

  • VIP Tickets: 15 tickets
  • Acknowledgement of sponsorship in publicity and media materials such as social media (Facebook) and concert programme.
  • Display of corporate bunting during the 22nd June 2019 concert.

2. Gold Sponsor: RM3,000

  • VIP Tickets: 10 tickets
  • Acknowledgement of sponsorship in publicity and media materials such as social media (Facebook) and concert programme.

3. Silver Sponsor: RM1,000

  • VIP Tickets: 5 tickets
  • Acknowledgement of sponsorship in publicity and media materials such as social media (Facebook) and concert programme.

4. You may also choose to contribute any other amount.

Image Credit: Flutescents

About Flutescents

Flutescents is an award-winning flute ensemble, founded in 2018 with the aim of promoting classical music. Our ensemble consists of four different instruments from the flute family, namely the piccolo, flute, alto flute and bass flute. The ensemble consists of seven passionate professional musicians – Brian Choong, Foo Chie Haur, Alwin Wong, Keiko Nakagawa, Yong Ching Ting, Carmen Mah and Wong Poh Lee.

As a not-for-profit musical ensemble, Flutescents does its best to provide music education to the younger generation. Its first story-telling musical production in August 2018, “The Nutcracker” (by Tchaikovsky), was a huge success–all four shows were fully sold out with raving reviews from the general public. That production helped bridge the gap between classical music and children, by allowing them to appreciate that genre of music at a young age. Apart from that, Flutescents has also hosted and performed at the flute fair by “Miyazawa” (an internationally-renowned flute manufacturing company from Japan) and restaged “The Nutcracker” for The Gardens Mall Christmas Specials, amongst other performances.

Image Credit: Flutescents

For more information, please contact:

Brian :017-370 2421 brian.choong@hotmail.co.uk
Poh Lee :012-688 3081 wpolemy@yahoo.com
Carmen :012-610 7529 carmen.mjw@gmail.com
Ching Ting :016-226 5071 chingtingyong@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flutescents/