5 Little-Known Facts about MURFEST 2017

5 Little-Known Facts about MURFEST 2017
Image Credit: MURFEST Facebook

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard about MURFEST, or perhaps you’re a fan who’s been following them on Facebook and Instagram and you’re curious about this Urban Retreat Festival that’s been taking Malaysia by storm. Regardless we’re quite sure you wouldn’t be aware of the following 5 little-known facts about MURFEST 2017, so read on…

1) MURFEST’s Founder and Director is a Certified Yogi

Inspiration can touch you in many ways and for Shobie Malani – the Founder and Festival Director of MUFEST- it struck when she attended a similar wellness festival in Bali. And when inspiration touches you it changes your life, like it did for Shobie because it didn’t just remain an idea for her; she manifested it.

Her qualifications as a yoga instructor provided a valuable foundation helping her piece together the needed elements to make MURFEST a Wholistic Wellness festival over the span of three days; making it a perfect urban weekend retreat for anyone. Yoga for her is about improving mental clarity while enhancing physical fitness.

Shobie Malani
Image Credit: MURFEST Facebook

2) MURFEST’s maiden launch took place in Pullman Putrajaya in 2014…

And this year in 2017 – four years later- it returns to another Putrajaya hotel; the Le Meridien Putrajaya. But more than just ‘being around’ for four years, its grown, blossomed and expanded its vision.

MUFEST’s focus on complete Wholistic Wellness together with its variety of workshops on offer – ranging from dance to yoga to music to fitness and alternative healing therapies- make it a one-of-a-kind festival and soon to become Asia’s largest Wellness, Music and Dance Festival.

Le Meridien Putrajaya
Image Credit: MURFEST Facebook

3) It’s completely family-friendly

This is no small feat because the needs of an adult are vastly different from the needs of a child. But the organisers at MURFEST have obviously taken this into account when they created it; and this year they’ve added in yoga for kids, plus a ton of other artsy activities.

If you’re a parent and you’re wondering if you need to hire a babysitter for the weekend; relax and put that money back in your savings account and bring your kid/s to MURFEST. As a family.

It’s also a great time for parents and/or couples to take a break from work and not just immerse themselves in the many workshops on offer at MURFEST, but far more importantly strengthen bonds with each other.

Family Friendly
Image Credit: MURFEST Facebook

4) Tymi Howard, Les Leventhal, James Wong, Kosta Miachin, Daniel Rojas…

In a word; Masterclasses (another ‘M’ word J).

This year MUREST is offering what are globally known as Masterclasses; specific intense workshops aimed to provide a certification to participants immediately at the end of the workshop.

These workshops are interspersed throughout the three days, but you will have to pre-register for them which you can do here and scroll down to where you see the Masterclasses taught by the instructors mentioned above. MURFEST has always been blessed by facilitators/teachers who don’t just view what they do as a job but as their calling. Which they do with passion and heart.

Image Credit: MURFEST Facebook

5) The Retreat Packages, GloKL and the MUREST experience

This year MURFEST is also offering customised Retreat Packages, for couples, as well as corporate groups. We won’t go through the list here but if you click here, you can see how specifically tailored each package is.  Some packages even allow you to attend one Masterclass of your choice, plus a host of other wonderful services; so you get to create your very own ‘Explore and Experience’ Experience at MURFEST, what more can you ask for!

GloKL, need we say more! It’s all about the energy, the pulsating sounds, your heart beating, your body gyrating to some sexy Latin beats… it’s one of those things that need to be experienced with all your senses!

To define any experience in words is a challenge; and more so the MURFEST one. But it’s got all the elements of being a fantastic one; a five-star hotel, world-renowned instructors, a vendor market equipped with everything organic and environmentally sustainable, a vast group of like-minded people to mingle, bond with and perhaps even form lifelong friendships with.

And of course an amazing team that serves with excellence and heart. But in the end an experience must be experienced to add value to your life, so if you feel that after everything we’ve shared this could be an experience that you’d like to be part of – and even have the potential of changing your life for the better- then you need to hurry and get your tickets here.

Retreat Packages
Image Credit: MURFEST Facebook