Doc2Us Collaborates With Pharmacies For Better Care And Service

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For the past few years, Doc2Us has collaborated with more than 250 chain and independent pharmacies, namely Watsons, Alpro Pharmacy, BIG Pharmacy, AMPM Pharmacy, Kaisar Pharmacy, Mercury Pharmacy, Farmasi Al Arif and many more! The idea of collaboration is to enhance the quality of care and services to all consumers and patients in pharmacy.

Doc2Us x Pharmacies

Doc2Us is a mobile application that allows you to talk to a doctor or any healthcare professionals via text chat anytime and from anywhere. It is also a Software as a service provider allowing subscribers (Pharmacies) to connect with virtual doctors and receive electronic prescription (e-Prescription) in real time from the doctors virtually. You may ask how does Doc2Us and pharmacies collaborate? Doc2Us envisions that a strong working relationship between pharmacists and doctors is necessary and vital to optimize healthcare for the benefits of patients and consumers. 

In partnered pharmacy, Doc2Us provides 1 to 1 online consultation service with telemedicine kiosk to connect patients, doctors and pharmacists in hope of providing a better care possible for all patients. Pharmacists will be the eyes, ears and mouths for the virtual doctors to help in assessment and discuss with patient for decision making. This ideal remote care model consists of a 3 way virtual consultation service that involves a doctor, pharmacist and patient. This is done in line with Doc2Us’s vision to improve health and well being of all mankind leveraging on technology while reducing the congestion in hospitals and clinics. Now, every partner pharmacy outlet has a virtual doctor on standby ready to support the pharmacists and serve the patients!

Image Credit: Doc2Us

Safe & Highly Secure

What makes Doc2Us so unique? Doc2Us’s system enables doctors to provide valid e-Prescription electronically with a digital signature as required by Ministry of Health Malaysia and in accordance to the Digital Signature Act 1997. As patients’ health and safety are Doc2Us’s top priority, Doc2Us® Digital Signature enhanced e-Prescription fully complies with the requirements outlined and recommended by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA). e-Prescriptions generated within Doc2Us ecosystem are deemed to be safe, authentic and highly secure in a valid manner. Pharmacists can now work with virtual doctors from Doc2Us to dispense medications with valid e-Prescription professionally and safely to patients. This can help to reduce human and prescription error and at the same time replace hand-written prescription which we all know can be difficult to read sometimes.

More importantly, e-Prescription allows a better tracking system and provides a more structured and organised prescription record keeping solution. Hence, e-Prescription will speed up the process of patients refilling their medication and allow pharmacists with more time for counselling. Apart from that, if physical care is deemed not required it is more convenient for both patients and pharmacists to seek medical advice and consultation from virtual doctor in order to get a valid e-Prescription for minor illness or refills for long term medication provided patients fulfil the minimum criteria 3Cs criteria (good disease CONTROL, good medication/lifestyle COMPLIANCE and no CAUTIOUS side effects from drugs known). This collaborative service between doctors and pharmacists can be done in all partner pharmacy outlets via Doc2Us systems! Pharmacists can now dispense medication safely with reduced prescribing and dispensing errors. On top of that, electronic medical record of patients can be stored securely in the ecosystem for better continuity of care and medication refill in the future. 

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Improving Care & Service

In Doc2Us, protecting and maintaining patient’s confidentiality is one of our priorities as well.  We use blockchain technology to store patient’s medical record and history which their data cannot be tampered without approval.

Collaboration between pharmacy and Doc2Us can significantly help to reduce medication error, improve patient care and quality of service for the patients!

Image Credit: Doc2Us