10 Unexpected Ingredients In A Smoothie You Should Try

Smoothies are a big hit. Lots of us love to have smoothies as a morning pick-me-up, or just to enjoy at any time of the day. While fruity, sweet smoothies are always nice, many people are tossing other ingredients into their smoothies as well. Of course, you may have tried them yourself. Ranging from leafy greens, nuts and seeds, whole grains and matcha powder, what else can be new in smoothies? Apparently, there are still some unexpected ingredients in a smoothie you can try out! If you haven’t been experimental with your smoothie-making, this is it!

1) Tea

What liquids do you usually use as a base for your smoothies? Fruit juices, water, milk? Well, try tea for a change instead! Tea is a refreshing change from the usual liquids, and depending on which type of tea you use, can be full of anti-oxidants as well. If not tea, you can also try coffee for that extra kick of caffeine.


2) Frozen Cauliflower

Vegetables aren’t new in the smoothie-making section, but this kind of surprised us anyway. Most people (we know) definitely prefer broccoli over cauliflower, cooked or not. But apparently frozen cauliflower has its own benefits. Its mild flavour pays off here, adding a creamy consistency to your smoothie without altering the taste too much. Furthermore, it also contains lots of antioxidants, B-vitamins, potassium and fibre.

Frozen cauliflower

3) Beans

Who knew that beans would actually work well in a smoothie? Cooked chickpeas are popular, as they are mild in taste. They add creaminess without being too thick, and also contribute to extra protein and fibre. If you go for other beans, choose beans that are mild-tasting to not overpower the taste of your smoothie. Lentils would also work fine!


4) Oils

Nowadays, oil is more purposeful than just being used in cooking. But also, not just any oil is suitable to be mixed in a smoothie. Go for coconut, sesame or olive oil, which is full of heart-healthy fats. The obvious heart health reason aside, these oils can also help keep you fuller longer, and add smoothness in your smoothie. Not into oils just yet? Avocados are great as a substitute!

Coconut oil

5) Egg Whites

Eggs are a good source of protein, so if you’re not into protein powders and are looking for something to add creaminess to your smoothie, this is for you. Of course, the egg white here in question is going to be consumed raw, so it’s best to get pasteurised eggs to minimise the risk of foodborne illness.


6) Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is a mix of flower pollen, nectar, enzymes, honey, wax and bee secretions. It’s also a superfood, packed with nutrients, amino acids, lipids and more than 250 other active substances. You can get bee pollen at most health food shops, and add some into your smoothie for an extra health boost!

Bee pollen

7) Spices

If you like it hot, you can add spices anywhere, and that includes smoothies. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cayenne pepper and turmeric are a few choices, and it depends on whether you like your smoothie to be sweet or spicy. Spices are known for their health properties as well. Also, if you really want to, you can even add jalapeno or chilli peppers into your smoothie to turn the heat up.


8) (Cooked) Roots

Some spices are roots too, but here we’re talking about beetroots and sweet potatoes. Oh, and ginseng as well, for a real nutritional boost. Beets and sweet potatoes can help make you feel fuller, and they also provide a nice dash of colour to your smoothie. Not to mention that they are rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory purposes as well!


9) Cheese

Yogurt and Greek yogurt are popular choices, but did you know you could substitute them with cheese? Cottage cheese and ricotta cheese, to be exact. Other than that, you could also try kefir, which is a fermented milk drink cultured from kefir grains. It tastes similar to yogurt, so by switching it up every once in a while, you’ll have varied smoothies all the time!

Cottage cheese

10) Cereal

We’re sure you have heard of adding grains and seeds into your smoothie before, but if you want an extra crunch, your favourite cereal is the best thing! Once your smoothie is blended and ready to serve, simply top it off with your favourite cereal. Cereal and smoothie in a glass? Yes please!


What are the other unexpected or less common ingredients you have used in your smoothies before? Let us know in the comments below to share them with us!