Top 10 Activewear Brands in Singapore

Top 10 Activewear Brands in Singapore
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Whether you are sweating it out in the gym or stretching in a yoga class, you definitely want to look good as well. This is why today’s activewear brands emphasise not only in quality but also stylish design. Besides, why settle on a mundane outlook when you can look fashionably chic while performing an exercise? Keep reading below to find out our Top 10 activewear brands in Singapore.

1) Tough Cookie Apparel

Tough Cookie Apparel

According to an online dictionary, a “tough cookie” refers to a strong and determined person. The brand reflects the meaning pretty well, given their motto for bringing a range of bold yet fashionable activewear that makes you feel good and look good at the same time. Their range is particularly diverse, with the sports bra being the example. You can either wear it to the gym, pole dancing and even paired with your favourite clothes for a casual after-workout session. | FB: ilovetoughcookieapparel | IG: @toughcookieapparel

2) BASE Athletica

BASE Athletica

BASE Athletica carries various designer activewear brands from all over the world, particularly Australia and California. Some of the international brands such as Running Bare and Seafolly emphasises on bold and trendy design, which are made suitable for today’s active women. | FB: baseathletica | IG: @baseathletica

3) ohsosom


The word “boring” is hardly in the same sentence with Ohsosom. Their fitness apparel is all about fun, edgy and colourful. Take Lorraine Leggings 2.0, for instance. A bold, multi-colour legging that accentuates your lower body figure and gives you a positive vibe regardless of a regular workout or a yoga session. You can search more of this on their official website below. | FB: ohsosom | IG: @ohsosom

4) Lyaya by FJ

Lyaya by FJ

Lyaya by FJ believes that good quality activewear doesn’t have to be costly. Most of their apparel pieces such as sports bra and workout shorts are sold at a reasonable price range between $30 and $50. Browse their collection from the official website below to find out more. | FB: LyayabyFJ | IG: @lyayabyfj

5) FITTA Active Wear

FITTA Active Wear

Affordability is what you get when you shop online at FITTA Active Wear. Their price range falls under the $50 category, which is good enough for the budget-conscious shoppers. Despite their economical prices, FITTA Active Wear’s apparel design is also fashionably chic and sporty enough for those who prefer their activewear stylish. | FB: fittaactive | IG: @fittaactive

6) BURD Activewear

BURD Activewear

“BURD” is an old-school definition of a young lady or a maiden. Being young at heart, this local activewear brand is all about vibrant and colourful design. For instance, their legging varieties are either filled with eye-catching colour schemes or bold patterns. Their fitness apparel is built to last with flat lock stitches, as well as moisture-wicking fabric that is both stretchable and comfortable enough for a prolonged workout. | FB: iloveburd | IG: @i_love_burd



The definition of a good workout is about feeling energised and above all, having fun for doing so! Which is why “fun” is the keyword for Funfit, a local activewear brand where you can find colourful crop tops or stretch leggings in various prints. Funfit also offers reward points such as $10 off for 100 points accumulated. Head on to their official website below for more info. | FB: welovefunfit | IG: @welovefunfit

8) Eat Play Gear

Eat Play Gear

You will find all the essential activewear you need at Eat Play Gear. That includes apparel pieces like sports bras, tank tops and capri pants. They also cover an informative blog on their official website related to health and nutrition, which is a good read. | FB: eatplaygear | IG: @eatplaygear

9) Focus Active

Focus Active

Focus Active stocked over 10 different activewear brands from Liberty Active to Daughters of Culture. All at under one platform. Apart from the likes of sports bras and leggings, they also carry casual streetwear and essential accessories such as microfiber towels. | FB: FocusActive | IG: @focusactive

10) Gear Up Yourself

Gear Up Yourself

From yoga to casual, Gear Up Yourself offers a range of activewear that is particularly affordable under the $50 price range. Their fitness apparel such as sports bras and leggings are made suitable for Singapore’s tropical weather, thanks to its breathable fabric and moisture-wicking material.

FB: gearupyourself | IG: @gearupyourself

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