You Can Now Tint Your Windows As Dark As You Want To

That’s right! Our Transport Minister Anthony Loke has announced that private car owners can now tint their rear and passenger windows fully black. No more heat and burning sun on our skins while we drive now.

The New Policy

VLT percentage and new rules for car window tinting by JPJ effective 8 May 2019
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Previously, the allowed visible light transmission was 30%. However, the Road Transport Department now allows private vehicles to have zero visible light transmission. This is only applicable to its rear side and rear windshield windows. This also applies to private e-hailing vehicles.

This change is largely due to many complaints and requests for Anthony Loke to review the policy regarding car tint. However, the front windshields and front side windows must still adhere to certain limitations. For the front windshields it is 70% visible light transmission and the front side windows are 50% visible light transmission.

Tinting the front

For those who really want to get your front windshield and front side windows tinted darker there is an option. You can apply with the Road Transport Department to have darker tints fitted. This applies only to private vehicle owners. However, a fee of RM50 will be charged just for the application of these permits. After approval, vehicle owners have to pay RM5,000 every two years to reapply. No charges will be imposed upon approval of permits that are based on health reasons.

Each application will be thoroughly checked through before it can even be considered for approval. Loke explains that “if the applicants have any criminal record, the application will be rejected, while summonses must be cleared before approval is given.”

These changes are in line with the United Nations Regulations on safety glazing materials that are installed on vehicles under UN Regulation No. 43. This is definitely an interesting change and can help with those suffering from conditions where even heat coming in through the car window is damaging.