Top 10 Activewear Brands in Malaysia

Top 10 Activewear Brands in Malaysia
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It is no secret that branded activewear don’t often come cheap. But thankfully, the introduction of local activewear brands have increasingly made their marks over the last few years. These brands have their advantages such as offering a premium quality at affordable prices. That said, here are the Top 10 Activewear Brands in Malaysia you might want to check them out.

1) Banana Fighter

Banana Fighter

As the founder of Banana Fighter, Mandy Yap’s background in fashion design helps accentuate her activewear range with a fashionable edge. From the chic-looking Blanc Mesh Tank to the Japanese print art-inspired Nara Shorts, the collection is a must-have for active women who want to look good and feel confident at the same time. | FB: bananafighter | IG: @banana.fighter

2) Liberty Active

Liberty Active

From designs to manufacturing, Liberty Active is 100% made in Malaysia. This is what the two co-founders, Becca and Ming wanted their activewear label to be. The brand is best described as practical and versatile. Their collection leans more on minimalist and fuss-free designs where you can easily pair with your favourite casual wear. | FB: libertyactive | IG: @libertyactive

3) Unizep Malaysia

Unizep Malaysia

Competitive pricing and trendy designs have been synonymous with Unizep. Some of their best-selling items include the Power Bra Triagle, Dewdrop Tank and 3/4 Nicolite Pant. This activewear label also features men’s sporting goods. | FB: unizepmalaysia | IG: @unizepmalaysia

4) Panaz


“Panaz” is a stylised Malay word of “panas” literally translated as “hot”. It is famous for its heatwear-based sports apparel. The collection, which incorporates the PA+ Fabric technology, helps increase body heat and promotes calorie burning at the same time. If you are looking to lose weight while performing your routine workout, do check out their activewear label. | FB: PanazMY | IG: @panazofficial

5) Xierra


“Get Sweat in Shape” is Xierra’s tagline. This activewear label specialises in slimming pants made from neothermal fabric technology and nylon. Their slimming pants are specially designed to increase sweat in a short period while burning more calories as you perform your workout or daily chores. | FB: xierra.official | IG: @xierra.official

6) Summersault


Founded in December 2014 by Lily Sim, Summersault was initially a brand which focuses on fashionable activewear. Today, the brand emphasises more on running costumes such as their trendy running tutu. The definition of “fun run” certainly rings true for Summersault! | FB: summersaultmy | IG: @summersaultmy

7) Kinetix Yoga

Kinetix Yoga

Kinetix Yoga understands the basis of a yoga experience doesn’t merely restrict to yoga apparel. Which is why they also introduce quality yoga accessories such as mats, bags and towels. Among their popular products is the Flexi Series yoga mat. Made from a non-toxic yet eco-friendly material, the mat also comes with an anti-slip surface and a firm cushioning to ensure a comfortable yoga workout every time. | FB: KinetixYoga | IG: @kinetixyoga

8) Move by Twenty3

Move by Twenty3

Twenty3 offers a wide range of affordably-priced women’s clothes from workwear to Muslimah dresses. Move By Twenty3 offers a fashionably chic yet functional activewear collection designed for today’s women-on-the-go. The brand which started off as a blogshop in 2013 by the former Groupon business development director Sherlyn Tan, has since evolved into 5 retail stores along with an online store. | FB: twenty3my | IG: @movebytwenty3

9) Fit Rebel

Fit Rebel

If there’s one thing about Fit Rebel that stands out the most, it has to be their colourful batik-inspired SENI leggings. Made from high-quality lycra material, the SENI collection is also notable for its hand-painted artwork and reasonable price range. Last year, Fit Rebel has earned the accolade as one of Timeout’s 2016 Best Local Online Store. | FB: fitrebelapparel | IG: @fitrebelapparel

10) Fitgear


High-quality yet affordable activewear is made possible, thanks to Fitgear’s successful business model that cuts out the middlemen cost. The designs, which created in-house, are minimal and practical enough to wear it on its own or pair with other clothes. | FB: fitgearshop | IG: @fitgearactive

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