Are You Brave Enough to Put a Cockroach on Your Face?

We are having some pretty wacky challenges as of late. First the Tide Pod challenge and then the Pass Out Game. Teenagers and children all over the world have really been pushing the boundaries with disgusting and unsafe Internet challenges, always trying to one up each other.

So what’s the latest weird challenge taking the Internet by storm? Cockroaches. That’s right. The newest challenge is putting cockroaches all over your face. We can’t even stand seeing them run across the floor and there are people putting them on their faces as a challenge.

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The Cockroach Challenge seems to have been started by a Burmese teen named Alex Aung. He recently posted a picture of himself with a cockroach on his face on Facebook. With a simple caption of “new challenge. Can you do this?” he has started a very weird challenge. His Facebook post as of now has garnered over 18,000 shares.

Apparently people like to do very weird things in the name of a challenge. Young people from Myanmar, the Philippines, and Indonesia have since challenged themselves. Just looking at the pictures can send a shiver down your spine.

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Cockroaches are usually seen as pests as they feed on human and pet food and leave quite a smell. They also can spread certain germs and microbes on their body surfaces. Also, cockroaches have been linked to allergic reactions in humans.

Of course there are products such as cockroach milk and people eating fried cockroaches. Most times when cockroaches are bred in sanitary places they are pretty safe for interaction and consumption. But are these teens getting the cockroaches from any clean places? I doubt it.

Would you do this challenge?