We’ve Got The Scoop On Where To Go And Celebrate This Christmas!

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It’s officially December which we know means it’s Christmas time! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas with the presents and trees, it’s still a nice festivity. There are lots of beautiful decorations all around and sales everywhere. Moreover, families tend to come together for a delicious meal. So where should you go this Christmas?

It’s Christmas Time!

Christmas meal
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Firstly, let’s be real because not everyone around the world celebrates Christmas. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t spread the cheer. There are plenty of parties, family meals, and fun times to have. But where should you go for a great Christmas feast? Here are our suggestions!


ANTE 1 Utama
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To kick things off, the ANTE menu begins with a serving of delicious freshly baked multigrain and soft rolls. Ahh, warm bread with butter, who can resist. Next up, there’s a refreshing scallop salad to delight your tastebuds.

Olive-Fed Pork Collar Steak
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Moving on, you will then get to choose between an Olive-fed Pork Collar Steak or an English Hereford Beef Flank Steak. The first option is served with special cream sauce made from Porcini mushrooms. Alongside both main dishes will be some roasted vegetables and potatoes.

Chocolate Delice
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Ending your meal in ANTE is a plate of chocolate Delice made from rich Valrhona Grand Cru chocolates. To top it off there will be a summer berry compote and crisp hazelnut praline. The delicious menu is available from the 2nd to the 31st of December.

IKEA Christmas Buffet

Moving on, for something a little more friendly on the pocket check out IKEA’s Christmas buffet. What’s even better is that IKEA Family members get to enjoy an RM10 IKEA voucher. Meanwhile, their guests will receive a RM5 IKEA voucher each.

IKEA Christmas Buffet Dinner
Image credit: ikea.com

The Christmas buffet will be held on the 20th of December from 5:30pm to 7:30pm as well as 8pm to 10pm. Purchase your ticket before the 15th of December for RM45.90 per person. After that each ticket will cost you RM52.90.

Anyone who loves IKEA food will surely have a great time at the buffet. If you can’t make it then don’t worry because you can also enjoy some festive cupcakes until the end of December.

Christmas at JOLOKO

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Head over to JOLOKO for a less common style of Christmas dinner. Here you will find a tropical inspired menu being served on the 24th of December. It’s also a bit pricier at RM165+ per person including a festive cocktail.

So what are you paying so much for? Firstly you will be offered classic humus, olives, pickled capsicum, as well as avocado and spinach dip. Next, choose between black pearl oysters with passionfruit or creole spiced bone marrow. After this you will get eggplant ‘ceviche’ with avocado and also sweet potato cakes.

JOLOKO christmas menu
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Make sure to save space for what’s next. You’ll get half a lobster with herb salad and pomegranate. Lamb shoulder with orange glaze and shatta sauce will also be served. Don’t forget the vegan ‘wellington’ with quinoa, corn, and cranberry.

There will also be roast butternut, brussel sprouts, cranberry, pecan, and burrata. Just in case that isn’t enough, there will also be coconut basmati rice with lime. And ending the feast will be bunuelos with cumin cream cheese. Can we say YUM?

Inside Scoop

Christmas Santa Piñata
Image credit: insidescoop.com.my

Of course, who wouldn’t want something a little sweet on their list?! Inside Scoop is also joining in on the festivities this year. It’s cute, fun, and delicious! They’ve got a Santa Piñata for all that festive fun.

The Santa Piñata is a cake that you smash with a tiny hammer to unveil the sweet treats. Inside the cake you will find mini scoops of some of the best selling ice cream flavours. This includes Valrhona Chocolate, mint chocolate chip, red velvet cake, and also salted caramel chocolate crumble deco.

Wherever you decide to go this Christmas, we hope you have a lovely time with family and friends. Let’s spread the joy and cheer even if some of us aren’t celebrating. Merry Christmas!