Top 10 Yakitori Restaurants in Singapore

Top 10 Yakitori Restaurants in Singapore
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Japanese cuisines are no stranger to comfort food and among them include yakitori (think of it as a Japanese version of satay — charcoal-grilled chicken meat or internal organs served on a bamboo skewer and usually eaten with a dipping sauce. Depending on the places, you can choose to enjoy them on its own or order to serve with rice sets. Enough said: here are the Top 10 Yakitori Restaurants in Singapore worth checking!

1) Mikawa Yakitori Bar

Mikawa Yakitori Bar

Here is a place where you can find over 10 different types of handmade charcoal-grilled yakitori in the menu such as Negima (chicken with leek), Sasami (chicken breast meat) and Sunagimo (chicken gizzards). They also serve other grilled skewers (kushiyaki) as well including pork and vegetable varieties. Best paired with their house wine or Japanese sake. | FB: MikawaYakitori | IG: @mikawa_yakitori

2) OmoteNashi Dining Gosso

OmoteNashi Dining Gosso

Founded in 2014, OmoteNashi Dining Gosso specialises in authentic Japanese cuisine such as rice bowls (donburi) and of course, yakitori. The latter is what they do best, particularly their signature ごっそ玉 (Gosso Dama) — a skewer of white chicken livers wrapped in crépine before charcoal-grilled until crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. If you happen to order Gosso Dama, it is advisable to consume them within 40 seconds. | FB:

3) Shirokane Tori-Tama

Shirokane Tori-Tama

Tokyo-based Shirokane Tori-Tama knows a thing or two about serving Japanese comfort food, with one of them being yakitori. Enjoy the internal chicken parts such as Maruhatsu (whole heart), Gatsu (stomach), Azuki (spleen) and Otafuku (neck). But those who prefer chicken meat instead can opt for the likes of Kawa (skin), Engawa (midriff) and Kashiwa (thigh). They also serve other grilled skewers ranging from assorted vegetables to meats (e.g. pork belly and duck breast).



Tori-Q prides itself in serving yakitori sticks using fresh raw chicken and broiling them using a special auto-rolling machine. The broiled chicken is then manually grilled to smoky perfection after dipping them with specially-formulated tare (sauce). Among their popular items include the restaurant’s signature Tori-Q Bento, which consists of yakitori stick(s) of your choice with Japanese rice, seaweed and pickles. Click here to locate their list of Tori-Q outlets throughout Singapore. | FB: TORI-Q_Official | IG: @tori_q_official

5) 八咫烏~yatagarasu


Located at Circular Road, this homey Japanese food joint primarily serves different types of yakitori sticks. This includes both internal chicken organs and meats ranging from liver and gizzard to thigh and fillet. You can also find assorted wrapped pork belly and appetisers like broiled liver, spicy gizzard and octopus sashimi.

FB: yatagarasu72 | IG: @yatagarasu72

6) Yorimichi Yakitori

Yorimichi Yakitori

This Beach Road’s Golden Mile Tower-based Yorimichi Yakitori focuses on the after-hour crowds, with the joint only opening from 6 pm onwards. Expect both internal chicken organ and meat yakitoris here but those who prefer more choices of grilled skewers can look forward to pork and lamb as well. If you happen to come here by public transport, you can either disembark at Nicholl Highway MRT or take the bus no. 100 or 980.

FB: yorimichi.yakitori | IG: @meng_jun_yu

7) Sumire Yakitori House

Sumire Yakitori House

Hailing all the way from Tokyo, Sumire (which means “smile” in Japanese) Yakitori House has established over 100 outlets in their native country alone. They serve all kinds of yakitori sticks here ranging from chicken shoulder to chicken & spring onion and chicken with leek. You can choose to order a la carte or go for the 8 or 12-skewer Sumire Yakitori Platter. The latter is ideal for sharing or tasting purposes. | FB: SumireSG | IG: @SumireSG

8) Kushibuta Yakitori & Biru

Kushibuta Yakitori & Biru

Serving both a la carte and set menu options, each of their charcoal-grilled yakitori sticks comes with 3 different sauces. Aside from the usual chicken varieties, they also serve pork and bacon as well as others like quail eggs, oyster mushrooms and lady’s fingers. Those who want a complete meal can opt for their tummy-filling Yakitori Set or Platter. | FB: KushibutaYakitori | IG: @kushibuta

9) Yakitori UMA

Yakitori UMA

The name of this cosy Japanese food joint says it all, with Yakitori UMA’s assorted yakitori sticks being their main speciality. Their grilled chicken varieties include the likes of Waka (tender chicken), Ninma (chicken & garlic) and Negima (chicken & spring onion). Beef and pork skewers are also available.

FB: Yakitori UMA (焼鳥 馬)

10) Bincho Singapore

Bincho Singapore

The Moh Guan Terrace-based Bincho serves both lunch and dinner crowds with the choice of a la carte or set menu varieties. They serve various Japanese food and that include yakitori sticks such as chicken breast, tail, cockscomb and soft bones. Come lunchtime from 12 pm to 3 pm, look out for their value-for-money sets such as Yakitori Don or Tsukune Don, which come with assorted side servings like karaage and salad. | FB: binchosg | IG: @binchosg

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