Top 10 Preserved & Dried Flower Florists in Singapore 2022

Flowers make great gifts, but the slight downside to them is that they wilt after a while. If you’re familiar with Beauty and the Beast, then you might have wondered what it would be like to have flowers that could last, like the one Beast has (minus the curse). That brings us to dried/preserved flowers, where they typically can last for months or years. Not having to watch flowers wilt seems like an excellent thing, so here are the Top 10 Preserved & Dried Flower Florists in Singapore 2022 for you to check out and get some dried blooms!

1) Le Secret Fleur

Le Secret Fleur was set up so that the founder could create and design flower arrangements with a feminine touch. There are a number of different products to choose from at Le Secret Fleur, including Everlasting Floral Bouquets, Signature Paperbag Series, LSF Home Collection (which are arrangements in vases, jars or boxes, perfect as home decor), and Pressed Fleur, which consist of flowers and/or leaves displayed in a transparent frame. What’s more, designs at Le Secret Fleur are limited and not likely to be repeated, all to provide a unique experience for both the sender and recipient. They also provide same day delivery for orders received before 11am and orders include complimentary delivery, bouquet bag and decor, a miniature balloon and a gift card! | FB: Le Secret Fleur | IG: @lesecretfleur

2) First Sight

First Sight is dedicated to the creation of exquisite Korean-style flower bouquets and gifts, and their products include both fresh flowers as well as dried/preserved flowers. In fact, the founder of First Sight has regularly travelled to South Korea and London to hone her floristry skills, as well as to pick up materials to craft flower arrangements and gifts. For their dried/preserved flower collection, check out their Everlasting Series! Arrangements come in bouquets or boxes, and they also provide wedding/event decor services. | FB: First Sight Singapore | IG: @firstsight_sg

3) The Wallflower Bud

The Wallflower Bud was created with the aim to bring a sense of freedom and joy to recipients, and all their arrangements are done in a rustic style, simple with a touch of whimsy. Bouquets contain a variety of flowers, put together in a simple manner, much like how one would gather flowers in fields. At The Wallflower Bud, you can get flowers in bouquets, vases, boxes, or wreaths, and they also have a collection called Autumn/Winter Buds. If you’re interested to learn about floral arrangements hands-on, they provide workshops as well! | FB: The Wallflower Bud | IG: @thewallflowerbud

4) Petite Fleur

The drive behind Petite Fleur is passion, where the founder gave up a career at one of the Big Four accounting firms to realise her florist dreams. With a strong sense of colour and design combined with a genuine passion for flowers, the result is one of a kind blooms, stylishly presented for all to enjoy. At Petite Fleur, you can choose from bouquets (both fresh and dried/preserved), flower stands, boxes, vases/jars, and even hot air balloon arrangements. What’s more, they even provide same-day island delivery, so if there’s an impromptu reason to gift flowers, you can do so with them, worry-free! | FB: Petite Fleur | IG: @petitefleur_sg

5) Flower Cart

Having been established for more than 30 years, Flower Cart is a 24-hour florist. That’s right, you can order and get flowers delivered any time of the day, though for urgent orders after 10pm, it’s best to give them a call to check for availability before making a purchase. It’s easy to shop with Flower Cart, as you can choose to shop by occasion, flowers, or even hampers. For preserved flowers, arrangements come in bouquets, vases, boxes, and jars, so you can take your pick! | FB: | IG: @happytrainsg

6) Bloomback

Bloomback uses top-notch blooms in their arrangements, and they have a wealth of products for you to choose from. Among them include gift sets, glass domes, jewellery boxes, and even some products less commonly associated with flowers such as bag charms, Bluetooth speakers, and floral display diffusers. Knowing that fresh flowers tend to have a shorter lifespan, they use dried and preserved flowers, so that you can appreciate the happiness flowers bring without having to watch them wilt. Both corporate and personal workshops are also available at Bloomback, if you’re interested. | FB: BloomBack | IG: @bloomback_ig

7) Wildflower Florist

Wildflower Florist is inspired and delighted by the wonderful beauty Mother Nature presents in the wild, and each flower arrangement is done so that it brings a little wild into your life. As an award-winning online florist, Wildflower Florist aims to capture the rustic, natural beauty of wildflowers, inspired by untamed meadows of Europe and the rugged Fjordlands of New Zealand. Combining a selection of dried and preserved flowers and materials, their arrangements can last up to a year with proper care i.e. kept indoors, and out of direct sunlight. You can also participate in workshops at Wildflower Florist if you’re so inclined. | FB: Wildflower Florist | IG: @wildflowerfloristsg

8) Dawn Q

Dawn Q has a range of flowers and products for you to choose from, namely dried flowers, pocket-friendly arrangements, flower boxes, as well as sets of Flower & Alcohol. But if you’re looking for dried and preserved flower arrangements, check out their Dainty Jars collection besides their dried flowers. Simple yet alluring, their Dainty Jars collection features dried/preserved flowers arranged in an aesthetic vase/jar. Besides getting bouquets/arrangements, Dawn Q also provides wedding bouquets and arrangements, as well as workshops.| FB: Dawn Q. | IG: @dawnqflowers

9) Floral Spell

Floral Spell takes pride in being the first and only (or original) florist in Singapore that features a wide range of Sola Wood floral designs and colours. For dried/preserved flower arrangements, check out their Everlasting Flowers collection. They are available in Luxe (arrangements in aesthetic, classy vases/jars), bouquets, vase arrangements, and gift boxes. They seem to feature lots of soft, pastel colours, so those who especially love pastel shades will definitely find their match here! | FB: Floral Spell | IG: @floralspellsg

10) One Olive

Established in 2009, One Olive provides bespoke floral arrangement services, as well as styling and conceptualising events and weddings. They love nature and all things quaint, so their arrangements feature a combination of these two things. You can choose from petite or standard bouquets, or browse through their selection of signature flowers. If you drop by their shop, you might even spot Sunday the cat there, whose official job title is “Roamer”! | FB: One Olive | IG: @one_olive

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