Mark Feehily From Westlife Is Expecting His First Child With Fiancé

Everyone was super excited when Westlife announced that they were reuniting last year. Now we have more exciting news! Westlife member Mark Feehily and fiancé Cailean O’ Neill are expecting their first child.

The two are so excited to become dads for the first time. Mark took to Instagram to post a picture of him and Cailean along with an ultrasound and baby onesie. In the post he thanks everyone for their birthday wishes before making the announcement.

Amazing news! Westlife's Mark Feehily revealed he is expecting first baby with his fiancé Cailean O'Neill as he shared sweet ultrasound snap on Tuesday
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He captions it with “It really makes this my most special birthday EVER to let everyone know that later this year we will become Dads for the first time. This is the proudest moment of our lives and we are beyond excited to say it out loud! 🌈👶🏻❤️ M&Cx.”

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Mark and Cailean have been dating for six years and got engaged in February this year. The wedding is set to be sometime in the summer and we are expecting a lovely wedding. Maybe the other Westlife guys will treat guests with a little song.

Mark has revealed that it is his dream to become a father with his own children running around the house. He has said “Sometimes your work is amazing but your personal life is in trouble. Sometimes the personal life is great but you have no work. When the two come together it is the perfect harmony and that is where I am at and hopefully it will stay like that.”

We hope it stays that way for him. It is such a great thing that he gets to fulfil his dreams, performing with Westlife and having a great life at home. We wish him all the best with his wedding and becoming a father!