9 Ways The MCO Has Changed Our Lives

Ways MCO has changed lives

Hello folks, good day and welcome back to yet another episode of MCO in Malaysia. We have absolutely no idea what day of the MCO it is, and we’re not bothering any longer. So we’ve been under the MCO for about a month, and it’s safe to say that one way or another, our lives have changed. Read on and find out how many ways the MCO has changed your life, out of these nine!

1) Losing Track Of Days/Dates

Honestly, when you spend every single day the same way, do the days still matter? Although we’re still doing work and producing content everyday, we still struggle to remember the days and dates. What must it be like for those who are totally “stranded” at home with even less to do?

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2) Your Sleep Schedule Is Drastically Altered

Well, not for us since we’re pretty much working from home at a “normal” time dictated by society, but we know a couple of people whose new sleep schedule is 5 am to 1 pm, or something like that. Some even sleep during the day and stay up during the night! We’d love to know why if this describes you, since the time you stay awake is pretty much the same?

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3) Businesses Are Getting Innovative

Kudos to those businesses for trying to keep going during these tough times! Just because the physical outlets have to shut down, doesn’t mean that it’s a total dead end. F&B retailers are considered lucky as they can still do food deliveries and takeaways, but they’ve gone beyond that. Take Tealive for example, who is providing DIY bubble tea kits! Some restaurants also pre-pack ingredients, and let you cook/assemble the meal at home.

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4) Relationships Are Re-evaluated

That sounded ominous, but it doesn’t apply in all situations. The MCO has thrust us quite abruptly into a situation where you (in most cases) either spend all day alone, with your family members, or just with your SO. Being cooped up all the time never did anyone a favour, but it’s also during these times we can develop a better understanding between human relationships and dynamics, hopefully. Also, absence makes the heart fonder, and we bet you’re severely regretting all those times you took your friends’ company for granted! In other words, this MCO is making you realise who matters most, and who doesn’t.

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5) Everyone’s A Chef!

Oh yes, we are! Unless you’ve been ordering food deliveries/taking food away all the time, you would have cooked at least something. Even clueless cooks before the MCO now probably have a “signature” dish, and people who can cook are well on their way to becoming a masterchef. Now you know you won’t starve even when you can’t eat out!

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6) Actually… There’s More Work

There are those who have completely, absolutely nothing to do, and then there are those who are not getting a break whatsoever from this MCO. Put it this way: some companies are so worried their employees will have nothing to do while working from home, so they keep ridiculously close tabs on employees, and the employees actually have more work to do compared to office days. IT companies have also mentioned that they’re more busy than usual, probably because customers have some free time and are always asking them to tweak certain things.

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7) Now Everything Is Online

There’s been a real shift online due to the current circumstances, and it’s been quite an eye-opener, because who knew that we could actually do so many things online? Even fitness can be done online, including dance classes and workouts, and of course schools and universities are organising Zoom calls to conduct lessons that way. Could this revolutionise how we learn and go about our daily routines?

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8) People Are Getting Very Creative

Or desperate. For entertainment. People have been picking out strawberry seeds with a tweezer – manually, dressing up with pillows, changing famous tunes to a different (cultural) style, performing various social media challenges, went fishing in their own fishing tank at home… while the people who have more work to do are clearly feeling imbalanced because they don’t even have time to eat a proper lunch. (True story.)

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9) PJs 24/7

Ah, at least this we can all relate to. The best thing about the MCO is that… we don’t have to dress up. At all. In fact, the ladies are probably forgetting what a bra feels like. Sure, sometimes we may open our wardrobe and go, “look at all these beautiful clothes with nowhere to wear to”, but let’s get real, PJs are the best.

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Let’s all stay safe and healthy during this time, and if you’re looking for face masks, you can now get them on sale at Mr DIY!