6 Dangers Of Bubble Milk Tea You Should Know

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We get it. Ice cold and sweet, accompanied with chewy pearls – bubble milk tea does sound like everyone’s cup of tea. Especially with hot weather in Malaysia, who wouldn’t want a sweet, cold drink to cool down with? However, good as it sounds, it may not be the best drink for your health. We don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but before you continue to guzzle it down, here are some dangers of bubble milk tea you should know. No harm in reading, at the very least!

1) Trans Fat

The milk essence used in bubble milk tea is in fact anything but milk. More often, the milk essence is actually made up of hydrogenated vegetable oil, which contains trans fat, also known as “the worst type of fat”. When present in our bodies long-term, it will cause us to gain weight. Not only that, but it also raises cholesterol levels, and may even affect women’s reproductive system in some cases. To paint a clearer picture, trans fat is usually found in oily, fried food – food your mum says to not eat.

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2) Affects Children’s Development

Even though the additives and colourings used in bubble milk tea are in accordance with FDA regulations, but too much of anything will have a negative effect. Children are especially at risk, with bubble milk tea affecting cognitive abilities and behaviour.

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3) Collects Fat

High in sugar and fat, low in nutritional value. As aforementioned, bubble milk tea’s main ingredient is hydrogenated vegetable oil, which contains a high amount of trans fat. The more you drink, the easier it is to gain weight. And the weight can go anywhere, including the stomach, creating flab, love handles…

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4) Increases Risk Of Chronic Diseases

By now, you’re probably familiar with the negative effects of the vegetable oil included in bubble milk tea. Overall, the fat content in your body will increase, eventually leading to arteriosclerosis. When consumed long-term, bubble milk tea may also increase the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases. And we hate to burst your bubble, but despite its name (milk), it does not contain significant amounts of calcium, but only sugar and fat content.

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5) Interferes With Memory/Cognitive Abilities

According to research, what we eat today will affect us even in our later years. As it has been established that bubble milk tea is hardly healthy, this unhealthy habit will cause problems in old age, namely dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

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6) Pearls Are Hard To Digest

We cannot stress this enough: moderation is key. Also, you may have heard of this piece of news earlier in the year. A girl hadn’t had bowel movements in 5 days, and she then sought medical advice. What did the doctors find? Her stomach full of pearls, still undigested. It is believed that she was a bubble milk tea fan, and couldn’t stop consuming it. We can’t help but wonder: is bubble milk tea really worth this?

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We’re not saying completely cut it out, because never say never. Just remember to exercise caution and moderation when drinking bubble milk tea!

Article sourced from OMGloh.