10 Useful Things You Can Do With Butter

You know the butter that you keep in your fridge? It turns out this yellow grease isn’t just used for spreading over your favourite bread, toast or plain crackers. Find out more below as we list down other ways you can use the butter around your home.

1) No More Fishy Odour

Got that smell on your hands and fingers after handling a fish? It’s hard to get rid of that odour just by scrubbing your smelly hands with tap water (and soap). First, apply some butter before you proceed by washing your hands using soap and warm water. These three combinations will not only clean your hands but also ensure that they are free from odour.

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2) Keep The Boiling Water From Spilling Over

If you often cook spaghetti, you know it could be frustrating when the pot boils over onto the stove. This is especially true if you are not paying attention. Thankfully, this can be easily avoided by simply adding a tablespoon or two of butter into the pot.

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3) Unstick Sticky Foods

Sticky foods like brownies and pastries could end up messy if you try to slice them with a knife. In order to prevent those foods from sticking to the knife, grease some butter on the blade first. Think of the butter as a form of lubricant, as it will help you cut through the sticky foods with minimum fuss. The same also goes to sticky stuff like glue, wax and chewing gum stuck on your hands. Of course, it doesn’t involve a knife but more of rubbing some butter over your sticky hands and washing them with soap and water.

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4) Stop The Door From Squeaking

Get annoyed by the squeaky noise each time you open or close a door? Normally, spraying some WD-40 would do just fine. But what if you run out of WD-40 or you don’t even own one to begin with? This is where the butter that lies inside your fridge comes in handy as your next best alternative. All you have to do is just rub a dab of butter on the hinge and that’s it. It works by lubricating the squeaky metal that causes the annoying noise in the first place.

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5) Make Pills Easy To Swallow

It is understandable that not everyone can swallow a pill or two easily with a glass of water. This is particularly true when it comes to large capsules. The good news is, you don’t have to break them open. Just coat your pills or capsules with a little butter (definitely not a lot because you do not want to flavour your pills!). The butter on the pills will help to go down easily as you swallow them.

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6) Remove Your Ring Easily

Don’t you just hate when a ring gets stuck on your finger? You try with all your might to remove the stubborn ring off your finger. But it doesn’t do a thing other than making you angry or feeling frustrated. What you need to do is apply a little butter around your finger. This will help slide the ring off your finger.

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7) Prevent Leftover Onion From Molding

Nobody likes a mouldy and smelly leftover onion in the fridge. In case you are unable to use the whole onion for your cooking dish, coat some butter on the cut surface of the onion. Then, wrap it in aluminium foil before you keep the leftover onion in the fridge.

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8) Enhance Your Soup With Butter

Okay, you can leave Chinese soup out of this. Other than that, adding a few tablespoons of butter can elevate the taste of your soup — particularly, the creamy varieties. You can add them to the likes of cream of tomato, pumpkin, chicken, mushroom and vegetable soup.

Image Credit: tasteofhome.com

9) Make Your Pasta Sauce Richer

The good old tomato-based pasta sauce is actually easy to make. But did you know you can actually make it better? Here’s the little secret: butter. Adding a few tablespoons of butter not only make your pasta sauce richer but also helps to reduce the sharp acidity of the tomato flavour. This, in turn, gives you an overall smooth taste when you eat it with your favourite pasta.

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10) Helps To Calm A Nervous Cat

You just adopted a cute-looking cat from a shelter and brought it home. But don’t be surprised if your cat gets nervous about its new surroundings. Well, you can actually calm your cat by applying a little butter on its paws. Just watch as your cat starts licking the butter off its paws. This also gives it some time adjusting to its new home.

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