Adrian Lau and Ria are The Ambassadors 2016 of INTI University!

Adrian Lau Chuan Ming, 20, and Ria Andani Nasution, 19, were named The Male and Female Ambassadors of INTI International University at ‘THE AMBASSADOR 2016’.

The contest was organised by the university’s BIZ Young Investor Club (BIZ YIC) and the finale was held on 24 March 2016 at INTI International University Multi-Purpose Hall, Nilai, drawing a crowd of 800 attendees and supporters.


There were 7 finalists on the finale night who prior to the finale, undergone weeks of intensive training in various areas including catwalk, individual talent performance and drama. Daphne Low, well known Malaysian Actress, Kvin Greener, Modelling Guru, Mr. Medhi Tasaloti, Head of Programme of International Business INTI International University, and Miffy Deyn, Miss Malaysia World 2016 Finalist were the judges of The Ambassador 2016. While the final results were formulated from different segments which comprised of drama (30%), catwalk (30%), talent performance (30%) and votes (10%), it was the talent performance session that became the highlight of the night.

During that session, Eu Cao Yang sang and played the keyboard while Owen Leong Wai Kee, Ashley Goh Ling Yan and Cheryl Tan Jia Hui showed off their vocal talents. Jacelyn Mey Jie Ying on the other hand, made an impression with her keyboard skills.

Nonetheless, it was Adrian Lau and Ria who managed to wow the judges and audiences. Adrian blew the crowd away with his outstanding vocal and dance performance while Ria put on an incredible display in contemporary dance and drama skills in front of 800 audiences.

inti-the-ambassadors-2016-2 inti-the-ambassadors-2016-4

As the winners, Arian and Ria took home an OPPO F1 and RM500 in cash each. The 20-year-old Quantity Surveying student and the 19-year-old Business student will also be representing INTI in an inter-university Student Ambassador Search competition organised by OPPO Malaysia. Let’s wish them all the best!

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