Flying Monkeys Bar In Kuala Lumpur Is Offering You Extraordinary Drinks

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Looking for a new and cool place to have a few drinks and a good time with friends? Well you should put Flying Monkeys bar at the top of your list. This spot in Kuala Lumpur offers you a great view and some pretty out of the ordinary drinks.

The Flying Monkeys Bar

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Flying Monkeys is a new cocktail bar that is located on the eighth floor of Tribeca in Bukit Bintang. If you’re coming in after a long day of work then you will be treated to a beautiful sunset with the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) as your backdrop.

Moreover, the interior of the bar attracts the eye with contemporary artwork of monkeys against the grey walls. There are also leather style seats, a wrap around bar, and great tunes playing.

Flying Monkeys Entrance Art
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At the entrance you will be greeted with some art on the wall of a flying monkey saying “Welcome, my pretties.”

The team behind this bar is also the same that brought to us Yellow Brick Road and Wizards cafe. So it is no wonder that the drinks and food here are unique and unconventional. It is definitely not going to be a boring time.

Unique Drinks

Moving on, the menu of drinks here are definitely out of this world. That’s because some of the drinks are inspired by the Wizard of Oz. This is also the the same theme behind the Wizards cafe.

The Grimlet from Flying Monkeys bar
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Check out ‘The Grimlet’ which is a magical concoction from Tanqueray No.10 gin, pink grapefuit, calamansi, and lemon. It’s a citrusy and gin-centric cocktail.

Glinda from Flying Monkeys bar
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According to Flying Monkeys, Glinda is a favourite among the ladies. The interesting drink is made from Absolut Vodka, Campari, strawberry, sumac-french rose syrup, calamansi, and egg white.

Check Out Their Bites

Cheeky churros
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If you’re feeling peckish then check out the food menu for some very interesting dishes. One of the popular ones is the Cheeky Churros which is served with their special Chocolate Sauce. What’s so special about it? It’s spiked with Kraken Black Spiced Rum!

Truffle ice cream
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You could also check out the truffle ice cream sandwich which features dacquoise pastry. The Morning Glory Chips are a unique combination of deep fried water spinach which is tossed in parmesan cheese.

Whatever the occasion is, you should consider putting Flying Monkeys bar on your list of go-to bars!