Salted Egg Chicken Wings And Deepavali Treats At IKEA? Yes, Please!

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This year the craze for salted egg everything was on an all time high. People were trying to put this ingredient in all sorts of dishes and it seemed to be everywhere. And for a while it seemed that the craze was dying down but IKEA is bringing it back with their salted egg yolk chicken wings!

Salted Egg Chicken Wings
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The dish features IKEA’s usual delicious chicken wings that are already pretty good on their own. Next, they add some yummy salted egg yolk sauce all over them wings and toss it up. 

There’s also some chilli and curry leaves to add in that extra kick that Malaysians love. IKEA’s salted egg yolk chicken wings will be available until the 31st of December but we recommend you don’t waste any time! Lots of Malaysians will probably be queuing up to get their hands on a plate of wings. 

One plate of salted egg yolk chicken wings will cost you RM17.90. 

Tandoori Chicken Rice
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Moreoever, IKEA is bringing back a special dish and introducing a new dessert in conjunction with Deepavali. Until the 28th of October you can order their Taandoori Chicken Rice at RM12.90 (last year it was RM13.90!). Furthermore, you can also get some yam cakes for RM6.90 each. 

Yam Cake
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Next, IKEA is also having a special offer to give you some extra savings. If you bring your own box (BYOB) to pack food then you will receive some good treats. Enjoy RM2 off your bill and redeem one free soya ice cream. 

Just make sure your container is the reusable type and that you order a minimum of one main dish. This special offer is available until the 1st of December and the soya ice cream can be redeemed within one month of purchase.