Do You Dare Ride The World’s Longest Water Slide At Escape?

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Escape Theme park is a very popular attraction site in Penang that offers guests lots of exciting activities. Park goers can choose to go swinging through the trees, jump off a tall building, and enjoy some water activities. The park will soon be opening the longest water slide in the WORLD!

Escape Introduces World’s Longest Water Slide

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Water slides are super fun no matter how old you are. It’s just such fun to go zipping along the slide with water splashing everywhere. But the worst part about water slides is that it ends so fast and you’re back to lining up.

However, soon you will get the chance to have even more fun on the world’s longest water slide. The ride is said to be four minutes long of water fun as you zip and criss-cross through the forest. Riders will need to take a cable car ride up to the top of the slide.


It took two years of planning and eight months to install the slide in the forest. There was no use of heavy machinery so that there was minimal damage to the environment. Instead, construction was done by using scaffolding and chain hoists.

It’s Been Guinness World Records Approved!

An aerial view of world’s longest tube water slide at the Escape theme park in Penang
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The ride has been officially verified by the Guinness World Records on the 6th of September. CEO Sim Choo Kheng has received the certificate stating that the 1,111m long water slide is officially recognised as the longest to exist.

The previous record holder was a slide in Germany that was only 356m long. Pfft, nothing compared to our awesome 1,111m slide.

Sim Choo Kheng of Sim Leisure Group receiving Guinness World Record
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Escape’s new slide is part of their new Phase 3 development which focuses on gravity-play rides. Besides the water slide there is also a ski lift, hill rider, and tubby racer expected to open soon.

A sign at the world’s longest tube water slide in Penang
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Having the world’s longest water slide was actually an accident as the theme park just wanted to give us more fun. Inspiration from the slide came to Sim when he looked up the hill and thought it would be great to have a slide from there.

The water slide will officially be open to the public sometime during the end of this month (October 2019). Do you dare to slide and zig-zag through the forest on this fun slide?