Green Fingers Helps You Achieve Your Garden Goals

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There are some talented people with acgreen thumb that have a knack for making plants flourish beautifully. On the other hand, there are those who try to grow some plants, but the end result typically end up as dead plants. If you happen to be the latter (like the author), yet have these amazing garden dreams like those you see in palaces, fret not because Green Fingers is here to help you!

About Green Fingers

Green Fingers provides landscaping services including garden maintenance, green wall, herb-growing, events decoration and irrigation. Their mission is to provide the best quality landscaping services to customers at reasonable prices. In addition, their vision is to allow  customers to enjoy nature by incorporating it into their homes and places of work. In addition to residential homes, they have also done projects for organizations like schools, OCBC Bank and Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

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The Growth Of Plant Idea

After moving into their new home about 7 years ago, they had a hard time looking for a reliable landscaper to beautify their garden. They found it hard to trust the fly-by-night ones and the established ones were charging an arm and a leg. Hence, they decided to roll up their sleeves and do the work themselves. In the process, they have learnt a lot and this sparked the idea of starting a business to share their knowledge and passion with others.

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Not Just Your Regular Gardener

They believe the fact that they are a small company gives them an edge. This allows them to respond more quickly to customer enquiries and provide very personalized service. In addition, they treat their customers as friends and their gardens like their own. This way, customers can sense their sincerity. Furthermore, they understand the needs of customers and are highly passionate about plants. The end result is high quality work that comes with great after sales services.

Greenery As A Way of Life

Their business is very much in line with the government’s efforts of greening the city and they are glad that they have a small part to play in this. They hope to expand the business and share their knowledge and passion in plants with others through interactions with customers. While they do not claim to be expert horticulturalists but they have definitely developed a passion for nature through their experience, which they would like to share with others.

Image credit: Green Finger

“Plants are amazing living things which our God has created. They are so important to our environment and lives and can bring so much joy to us.”

– Green Fingers

Leave your garden landscaping to the experts at Green Fingers: