Top 10 Cafes in Kuching

Top 10 Cafes in Kuching
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Kuching is the capital and most populous city of Sarawak, and has a long, fascinating history, as well as plenty of places to visit. But not to be missed is their food! Local varieties like Sarawak Laksa, assorted Asian and Western dishes and speciality coffees… you name it, the city of Kuching has them all covered. With that, here are the Top 10 Cafes in Kuching you can check out!

1) The CABIN 寒舍

The Cabin

This cosy retreat of a small cafe specialises in home-style meals at an affordable price, where their menu is named “Mum Home Cooked Dishes”. They believe that the most comfortable place on earth is home, and they champion this spirit through their food. You can choose to order their Mama Set Lunch, which consists of fragrant rice, a main dish, a soup, a vegetable dish, two condiments and a dessert. Dessert lovers might want to check out their various cheesecake varieties ranging from peanut butter and coffee crumble to chocolate batik, matcha and even milk tea flavours.


2) Le Parlour Cafe Studio

Le Parlour Cafe Studio

Combining cafe and bookstore under one roof, the latter houses over 100,000 pre-loved titles imported from the U.S. The books are for sale but you can spend your time reading them onsite while dining as well. Menu-wise, Le Parlour Cafe Studio offers plenty of delicious gourmet foods such as Salted Egg Spaghetti, Fish & Chips and Mint Lamb Shoulder. They also take pride in brewing their coffee, all freshly roasted using only quality Arabica beans.

FB: LeParlour.CafeStudio | IG: @leparlour_cafestudio

3) Cuppa-Kap Coffee

Cuppa-Kap Coffee

Cuppa-Kap Coffee… how catchy is their name! Not surprisingly, coffee is what they do best with familiar varieties like espresso, latte and Americano. Prices are reasonable too, making them such a favourite coffee hangout among many locals. Apart from coffee, they also offer some mains (Thai Tom Yam Mee, Turkey Ham Croissant Sandwich) and light bites like crepe cakes and cheesecakes.

FB: cuppakap | IG: @cuppakapcoffee

4) Earthlings Coffee Workshop

Earthlings Coffee Workshop

Earthlings Coffee Workshop is not your usual coffee shop but more of a place where coffee connoisseurs can savour a cup of high-quality java. The baristas at Earthlings Coffee Workshop are all well-trained with a wealth of experience who know a thing or two about concocting a perfect cup. They have plenty of different blends and handcrafted brews you can try here. Given the name of its place, they also conduct coffee-related workshops from time to time such as latte art, essential knowledge and sensory expedition. | FB: EarthlingsCoffee | IG: @earthlingscoffee

5) The Coffee Clinic

The Coffee Clinic

Phrases like “a coffee a day keeps the doctor away” seems like a perfect fit for The Coffee Clinic, with highly-skilled baristas behind the counter to brew you a cuppa. Expect good coffee here, covering everything from cappuccino to Hazelnut Mocha and Piccolo Coconut Latte. If you need some bites, enjoy some of their comfort-food varieties like Chicken Panini, Bueno Chocolate Waffle or a heavenly slice of Mocha Almond Chocolate cake.

FB: thecoffeeclinickch | IG: @thecoffeeclinic

6) Sharing Planet

Sharing Planet

Sharing Planet has been around for years. 2004, to be exact, and their longevity in the cafe scene lies in their reasonably-priced Western dishes. Not to mention they have assorted varieties to choose from. This includes Spaghetti Carbonara with Chicken Breast, Seafood Aglio e Olio, Lamb Shoulder and Chicken Chop. You can locate Sharing Planet over four branches in Kuching including Stapok, Ban Hock, TT3 Plaza and Matang Metrocity. | FB: sharingplanet | IG: @sharingplanet

7) 16th St. Cafe

16th St. Cafe

Love mille crepes? This is where 16th St. Cafe excels the most, offering the decadent layers of goodness in many flavours. Options include the likes of yam, mango, peanut butter, rum & raisin and sea salt caramel. The availabilities of their mille crepes are varied from time to time, so do follow their Facebook page for more updates! Other than mille crepes, they also sell assorted pastries and baked goods from slice cakes to polo cream puffs and soft French bread.

FB: sixteenstreetcafe | IG:

8) Feast n Furious Café

Feast n Furious Cafe

You don’t have to take a wild guess to know what inspired the name of “Feast n Furious Cafe” from. And as expected, the cafe’s interior is all decorated with real (yes, you read that right) cars and motorcycles. As such, they are perfect for some Instagram-worthy moments. When it comes to food, you will find a mix of local and Western varieties such as Sarawak Laksa, Tomato Crispy Mee and Grilled Lamb Chop.

FB: feastfuriouscafe | IG: @feast_and_furious_cafe

9) Coffee Obsession

Coffee Obsession

Enjoy a nice cup of java in the comfort of a cosy cafe that makes you feel like home. That’s Coffee Obsession, with their main speciality being assorted caffeinated beverages like long black, babyccino, chai latte, flat white and espresso. Other than coffees, they have main courses to fill your tummy with hearty options like Chicken Paella, Yogurt Grill Lamb Shoulder and Grill Beef Burger.

FB: coffeeobsessioncafe | IG: @coffeeobsessionkuching

10) Munch Cafe

Munch Cafe

The folks behind Munch Cafe pride themselves in offering food made from fresh ingredients without a hefty price tag. Their menu is diverse from breakfast to lunch and tea breaks. They have different kinds of toasts and sandwiches available as well. For the latter, you can opt for the likes of baguette, ciabatta or bagel as the base of your choice with fillings like BBQ chicken, egg mayo or turkey ham.

FB: MunchCafe

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