Looking To Invest In An Iron? Here Are The Features You Should Look Out For

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Out of all the electrical appliances in your home, the one that would most likely accompany you the longest is your iron. I recall my mother using the same iron all the years I was growing up. In fact, the iron was passed down to me when I went to another state to further my studies. 

Buying an iron can be a huge commitment as it is not something that you would buy over and over again. Hence, choosing the best iron that suits your needs is a decision that you should make by taking a few important things into consideration. 

Here’s everything you need to know about buying the perfect iron.

Steam iron VS steam generator iron

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The size of your laundry items and the amount of storage space you have determine whether you use a steam iron or a steam generator iron. Although steam irons are smaller, their larger equivalents are preferable for larger articles of clothes or bedding. Water tanks are also included inside steam irons, where the steam relaxes textiles and eliminates wrinkles.

Larger laundry heaps and bedding are easier to iron using a steam generator iron. They feature a separate water tank that allows them to produce more steam at a higher pressure, so you only have to iron one side of a garment to get rid of deep wrinkles on both the front and back. However, they’re larger and thicker than ordinary irons, so think about where you’ll store it before you buy.

Iron features to look out for

Before you invest in an iron, here are some features that you should look out for to ensure the best ironing experience:

  1. Simple and straightforward operation: Look for an iron with easy-to-use and accurate controls. Examine if all of the settings are clearly visible and adjustable. As most irons have the temperature settings dial located below the handle, you might want to test if it is within your reach when you are ironing your clothes.
  2. Soleplate material: The soleplate is the metal plate at the base of the iron. The better the quality of the soleplate on your iron, the longer it will last and the easier it will be to maintain. Soleplates are most commonly made of stainless steel or ceramic. Stainless steel soleplates are known to be more durable and easier to clean while ceramic soleplates have good heat conducting capability and can prevent static.
  3. Continuous steam pressure: Steam output of an iron is measured in grams. The higher the steam output, the more effective the iron is. For a steam iron, anything above 50g/minute is considered high, and for steam generator irons, the range is usually between 120g to 160g/minute.
  4. Steam burst/shot: This is a feature that is important for removing stubborn creases especially in hard to reach areas of the garment. Steam iron models can have a steam shot output of 110g to 340g/minute. This is a common feature in steam generator irons as well and they boast even higher output that ranges from 280g to 600g.
  5. Tank capacity: Tank capacity is important because the bigger the tank capacity, the more clothes can be ironed before you need to refill it. Take note to pick an iron that has an easily removable tank and a large opening for convenient refilling.
  6. Temperature control: If you have a lot of different types of clothing materials, then it’s important that the iron is flexible in its temperature control. This is so that the iron doesn’t overheat and harm the cloth as the temperature can be adjusted according to the fabric.
  7. Anti-scale/anti-calc function: You will notice this feature on a lot of newer irons nowadays. Over time, a steam iron will start to build up calc or scale – this happens in all electrical appliances that use water. The calc or scale impurities need to be cleaned regularly or they will solidify and render your appliance useless. Irons that have an anti-scale or anti-calc function will help to prevent any buildup in the iron’s steam vents.

Benefits of steam generator irons

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  1. Steam generator irons are known to produce the most heat out of all the irons. This ensures that the ironing process becomes more efficient.
  2. As the water tank is separate from the iron, the lightweight design makes steam generator irons more comfortable to use, especially for long periods of time.
  3. A steam generator iron can store up to 5 times the quantity of water compared to a typical steam iron because of its separated water tank. This also means the water tank doesn’t need constant refilling.
  4. Steam generator irons have higher steam outputs which makes them good for heavy-duty ironing such as duvet covers and sheets. It is also a great addition to families of large households as they have more laundry to iron.
  5. Most steam generator irons offer a vertical ironing feature that allows you to steam your clothing while they’re still hanging on the hanger; this is especially handy for items like curtains and jackets.

Introducing the Panasonic NI-GT500NSK and NI-GT200ASK Steam Generator Iron

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Let’s start with the basics – specifications:

Bar pressure Max 6.5 bar Max 5.5 bar
Steam amount Up to 130g/min Up to 120g/min
Steam setting Max/Eco Max/Eco
Steam shot/boost720g/min with Vertical Shot 600 g/min with Vertical Shot
Water tank 1.8L (Detachable) 1.8L (Detachable)
Ready time 180 seconds 180 seconds
Temperature setting Optimal Care/Quick Care Dial Settings (Acrylic/Silk/Wool/
Anti-calcAdvanced Anti-Calc/
One Step Anti-Calc
One Step Anti-Calc
Maintenance frequency Once a year (using approx. 90L of water) Regular maintenance per approx. 3 weeks (using approx. 5L of water)
Auto-off Yes (10 mins) Yes (10 mins)
Cord length1.8m1.8m

Learn more about Panasonic’s Steam Generator Irons here.

Unique Features of the Panasonic NI-GT500NSK Steam Generator Iron

  1. Fundamental Calc Care to Prevent Calc Buildup: The most essential goal of Calc Care is to avoid calc build up. Panasonic employs an ADVANCED ANTI-CALC device that infuses anti-calc chemicals into the water, this helps to suppress calcification and accumulation on the inside. This ensures a continuous burst of powerful steam during ironing.
  2. Easy Cleaning via a Simple Internal Structure: Because of the anti-calc device, iron maintenance is only required once a year. The structure of the boiler also makes it easy to clean – just put 500 ml of water from the base to rinse it out.
  3. Optimal Care temperature setting: With the Optimal Care setting, there is no need to adjust the temperature setting of your iron. Materials such as denim, silk, and other fabrics can be ironed quickly without getting burned.
  4. Quick Care temperature setting: Turn on the Quick Care for high temperature setting when you need to iron larger or thicker materials such as bed sheets, tablecloths and curtains.
  5. Hygiene Care for 99.99%* Bacteria Removal: Steam that is applied to clothes can remove up to 99.99% of bacteria. 
  6. Simple Operating Panel with Maintenance Reminders: An indicator and alarm will notify you when the water level is low or if maintenance is needed. The large panel also provides a display where you can check the power and steam volume settings.

To shop for the Panasonic NI-GT500NSK and NI-GT200ASK Steam Generator Iron, head over to:

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