A Fan of Salted Egg Yolk Food? Here are 7 Salted Egg Yolk Food Creations & Where to Get Them

Image Credits: S.wine | Jibril SS15 Facebook Pages

We assume you’re a fan since you clicked in, so we want to ask you something: As a salted egg yolk fan, what would you call yourself? Justin Bieber fans are Beliebers, Taylor Swift fans are Swifties… Almost used “Are You a Saltie?” in the title but then I realised “saltie” is also Australian slang for a saltwater crocodile. So maybe not. But anyway, regardless of what you decide to name yourself as a fan, we’re here to recommend 7 salted egg yolk food creations, as well as where to get them. We’ve tried some of them personally, and we’ll tell you which!

1) Salted Egg Yolk Chicken

Maybe not just chicken as the choice of meat, depending on where you go, but most mains associated with salted egg yolk are chicken, so…


We know you probably know about this one already, but there’s a reason it keeps making it into lists online. Three of our team just tried Jibril’s Salted Egg Butter Chicken rice for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and we do think it’s pretty good. We went during lunch time on a weekday to the SS15 outlet (they have two more in Bangi and Publika respectively), and there was a queue, though we didn’t have to wait for long. The sauce is rich and delicious, and the portion is generous. It is quite dark in there though, and if you have to sit upstairs, be careful. The spiral staircase is small and narrow. Watch your step!

Image Credit: Jibril SS15 Facebook Page

Luckin Kopi

Luckin Kopi is all about local/Asian food made with the freshest ingredients, believing that we can connect over a simple cup of kopi. I don’t think they’re wrong. We’ve never been here, but they do have salted egg chicken rice as their signature dish, as well as a Mi Sedaap with salted egg sauce. The latter is something we’ve never encountered, but maybe it’s just us.

Image Credit: Luckin Kopi Facebook Page

Buttermilk Kitchen

Another place in SS15, Subang Jaya, Buttermilk Kitchen specialises in–what else–buttermilk rice dishes, with a twist. You’ll be able to find tom yum buttermilk, curry buttermilk, limau madu (honey lime) buttermilk, and yes, salted egg buttermilk. And if you think that’s a tad too normal for you, and you want to try something that’s not done often, they’ve gotcha. Check out their Nasi Lemak Salted Egg Buttermilk for a change!

Image Credit: Buttermilk Kitchen Facebook Page

2) Salted Egg Yolk Pasta

I’ve never tried one of these that I really love yet. Word on the street is I should try the ones below.

Kenny Hills Bakers

Since 2014, Kenny Hills Bakers has been serving great coffee, artisanal bread, pastries, and cakes. Today, they’ve expanded their menu and operations (to three outlets!); including a salted egg yolk pasta dish. Expect a creamy salted egg yolk sauce with shimeji mushrooms, and choose from smoked duck or prawns to go along with it. Besides the pasta, you can also check out their salted egg yolk doughnut. I’ve tried some of their other pastries, but not this one yet. Definitely putting it on the list now!

Image Credit: kennyhillsbakers.com

PoP’s Eatery

Comfort food made fresh every day? People passionate about cooking, and self-developed recipes? That’s what PoP’s Eatery is all about, providing pastas, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, sides, and coffee. Under their pasta selection, there’s a Salted Egg Yolk Cream Pasta, which comes with grilled herb chicken. Other than that, they have Salted Egg Yolk Cheese Sauce Fries as well. My mouth just filled with saliva at the thought of that.

Image Credit: PoP’s Eatery Facebook Page


Located in Publika, S.Wine’s name probably gives it away: it has pork as its main feature, even going as far as to call themselves a “Treasure Trove for Pork Lovers”. Well, if you identify as a pork lover, you can’t go wrong with them! There’s a Bacon & Salted Egg Carbonara–yum!–but hold on. There are more salted egg yolk dishes coming up. Salted Egg Pork Patties are on the menu, as is the Crispy Buttercream Pork Chop. Um, yes, please, hello!

Image Credit: S.wine Facebook Page

3) Salted Egg Yolk Burger

I still haven’t had one of these yet.


You might have had heard of the Ultraman burger? It was really popular a while back (and could still be), and this is myBurgerLab’s take on a salted egg yolk burger. This is what’s in it: Thai-style Fried Chicken Thigh, Home Made Salted Egg Yolk Sauce, Crisp Lettuce, Juicy Tomato and just a touch of Curry Mayo. I can’t vouch for this personally, but I’ve tried a couple of their other burgers, and they never disappoint!

Image Credit: myburgerlab.com


Yet another burger joint in Malaysia, Killer Gourmet Burger (KGB) has their own version of a salted egg yolk burger as well, the Magmarr. With a patty of your choice (chicken or beef), it comes with fried Mac n’ Cheese (OMG), and molten salted egg yolk sauce. And as if that isn’t enough, they have golden salted egg chicken wings, as well as Magma Fries, which are actually sweet potato salted egg yolk fries (OMG count 2).

Image Credit: KGB Facebook Page

4) Salted Egg Yolk Croissant

This, I have tried, and I love.

Bukku Cafe

I think I used to have them weekly, especially when they first started operating. The croissant itself is crispy and flaky, while the salted egg yolk sauce just comes rushing out when you cut it open. Or bite. Whichever you prefer. I’m always low-key craving for it, but I’m also too lazy to go get it. Digressing a little from the salted egg yolk topic, if you love croissants with fillings, they have a matcha croissant available as well, and it’s just as good.

Image Credit: Bukku Cafe Facebook Page

Le Bread Days

I recently got introduced to Le Bread Days (it was on 25th March 2022, and I’m able to be this specific because I gorged on their products while binge-watching Bridgerton Season 2), and I had their quiche, possibly a pain au chocolat, and a molten salted egg yolk croissant (this one confirm). You wouldn’t be disappointed as salted egg yolk filling is really generous, while the pastry has that crisp to it with each bite. (Should I order and re-binge Bridgerton? I think yes.)

Image Credit: Le Bread Days Facebook Page

5) Salted Egg Yolk Pancake

There’s this cafe in Malacca called The Daily Fix–you might have heard of it? That’s where you can get your fill of salted egg yolk pancake. It’s pancake drizzled with salted egg yolk sauce, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. There’s only so much chicken rice and/or coconut shakes you can consume, so try this out the next time you’re there!

Image Credit: The Daily Fix Facebook Page

6) Salted Egg Yolk Burnt Cheesecake

I’ve had a bad experience with a salted egg yolk burnt cheesecake, but I’m always up for trying it again, as long as it’s not from the same place. So here’s a suggestion both for you and myself: Eat Cake Today. According to the website, one cake is made with eight salted egg yolks, so you’ll get a yolky taste that’s just enough but not overwhelming.

Image Credit: eatcaketoday.com

7) Salted Egg Sou

A sou is a type of traditional pastry, and I don’t know any other salted egg pastries except for this one or croissants. Or doughnuts? Cronuts too? Anyway, if you’re looking for something a little more traditional and is a perfect combination of both sweet and savoury, you might want to give TK Bakery‘s salted egg sou a try. It’s a round sort of pastry, filled with lotus paste and a whole salted egg yolk right in the centre. The lotus can be a bit much, but I find that I don’t mind.

Image Credit: tk2you.com

More food for you? Yas, come check this out too!