Top 10 Cooking Schools in Singapore 2022

Top 10 Cooking Schools in Singapore 2022
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Frequently eating out or ordering takeout? Doing so can put a strain on your monthly spending in the long run. Perhaps it’s time you should learn how to cook. Besides, it’s an invaluable life skill and of course, you get to learn something new as well! So, if you are looking for some recommendations, here is our 2022 edition of Top 10 Cooking Schools in Singapore.

1) Commune Kitchen – Cooking School

Commune Kitchen - Cooking School

Commune Kitchen is where you get to learn how to make your own xiao long bao (soup dumplings) or other recipes, namely from Middle Eastern and fusion cuisines. All these and more at an affordable price that everyone can join. Each class will be fully hands-on under the professional guidance of a highly trained and experienced chef. Check out what’s available right here for the type of classes. | FB: CommuneKitchensg | IG: @communekitchensg

2) Hungry Mummies

Hungry Mummies

Whether you are a stay-at-home mum or a working mum, Hungry Mummies is worth checking out, particularly for those who want to master some delicious home-cooked meals. You can join the private or small group cooking classes, where you will learn varieties of easy-to-follow recipes. Among them includes stir-fried pork in homemade black bean sauce, watercress & pork rib soup and Shantung-style chicken, just to name a few. | FB: hungrymummies | IG: @hungrymummies

3) D’Open Kitchen

D'Open Kitchen

Spend some quality time over the weekend at D’Open Kitchen, where they offer a list of fun and rewarding cooking classes. Looking to learn how to cook some of your favourite hawker dishes? They got them all covered right here. And so are others ranging from dim sum to sushi, pizza and pasta. Apart from cooking classes, D’Open Kitchen also teaches basic baking techniques, plus how to make cupcakes, bread and cake among others. | FB: dopenkitchen | IG: @dopenkitchen

4) At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

The highly regarded At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy has cultivated numerous chefs to a successful career path since its establishment in 2007. For instance, they have various diploma programmes specialising in culinary arts as well as pastry & bakery. Non-professionals (i.e. home cooks), in the meantime, can join the EasyChef Lab. It’s a series of hands-on short cooking courses focusing on the likes of learning basic culinary skills and cooking different types of cuisines. | FB: atsunrice | IG: @atsunrice

5) Palate Sensations Culinary School

Palate Sensations Culinary School

Led by a team of professional chefs, the open-concept studio of Palate Sensations Culinary School covers a wide range of cooking classes that you can take here. Take Asian cooking, for instance. They have exciting classes like how to make Japanese tapas, Vietnamese pho & spring rolls and classic Thai dishes. Alternatively, look out for their signature Chef In Training classes, where you get to learn specific comprehensive cooking or baking skills. | FB: palatesensations | IG: @palatesensations

6) Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School

Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School

Operating since 2016, Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School offers a chance for aspiring cooks to learn hands-on baking and cooking lessons. They cover everything from easy to moderate and advanced-level cooking, depending on your preferences. For instance, learn how to make restaurant-style King Crab Salad with Avocado and Lobster Bolognaise. Or take part in the basic bread-making class. They even have various 2-day masterclasses, namely preparing different types of sourdough bread and viennoiserie from scratch. | FB: brettschneiders | IG: @brettschneiders

7) AllSpice Institute

AllSpice Institute

AllSpice Institute provides Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses/programmes and short cooking workshops for your respective needs. If you prefer the latter, they have various programmes to choose from, namely learning how to make traditional Peranakan kueh/Nyonya dumplings and selected Italian dishes. As for the former, their classes focus mainly on preparing Japanese dishes such as sushi, noodles and donburis. | FB: AllspiceInstitute

8) Tomato Cooking School

Tomato cooking school

Unlike most cooking schools, Tomato Cooking School focuses primarily on teaching kids aged 6 to 14 years old the art of cooking restaurant-level dishes. Under the guidance of experienced chefs, not only do the participating kids benefit from mastering the skill but also gain self-confidence while learning how to be independent. At the time of writing, the classes will be specially conducted between 30 May and 26 August 2022 from 9 am to 4 pm. | FB: newtonshowcom

9) Cookery Magic

Cookery Magic

If your interest is mainly in cooking Asian dishes, you should check out Cookery Magic. You can join their Daily Cooking Classes, which takes place in owner and personal chef Ruqxana Vasanwala’s outdoor kitchen. Depending on the class that you choose to participate in, you will learn how to prepare assorted recipes such as Red Chicken Curry, Green Papaya Salad and Ayam Ponteh. Cookery Magic also offers private and even online cooking classes. For the former, you have the choice of having the class conducted in the comfort of your own home or Ruqxana’s home kitchen. | FB: cookerymagic | IG: @cookerymagic

10) Creative Culinaire the School Pte Ltd

Creative Culinaire the School Pte Ltd

From beginner-friendly to professional cooking classes, Creative Culinaire covers them all under the supervision of a team of experienced chefs led by founder Judy Koh. Learn how to make local dishes or others such as bread, cake or pastry regardless of novice, intermediate or professional level. Creative Culinaire also provides related workshops, seminars and team-building activities. For more info, you can get in touch with them right here. | FB: creativeculinairesg | IG: @creativeculinaire

That’s not all! More Top 10s in Singapore are waiting to be discovered!

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