Can’t Get Enough of Choux? Here are 8 Places to Get Them in KL & Selangor!

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Choux comes from the French word chou, which means cabbage. When it’s used in the context of pastry, choux, or known formally as pâte à choux (it’s a mouthful, isn’t it?), are little pastries with a sweet filling, often cream. Call them choux, or call them cream puffs–they’re the same. These French pastries are great for a teatime snack paired with your favourite beverage, and come in a variety of flavours as well, not just plain cream. Among the eight on this list, we’ve personally tried two of them, so check out what we think and where you can get them too!

1) Golden Bites MY

At Golden Bites MY, they’re durian lovers, and the whole idea of them going into business was to combine their love for durian and cheesecake. Now, they specialise in durian-infused dessert, including Musang King Choux Puffs and D24 Durian Choux Puffs. We got the Signature Mix, consisting of two D24 mini cheesecakes and two D24 Durian Choux Puffs. We were in luck and also got 2 Musang King Choux Puffs free thanks to an ongoing promo. On top of that, we also got the Rocher Croquant (Dark Chocolate) and White Chocolate Matcha Croquant, which are their in-house special choux puffs that highlight the almond nibs. Personally, my favourite was the White Chocolate Matcha Croquant. The flavours of matcha and white chocolate were perfectly balanced, and I loved munching on the bits of almond. For the durian flavours, my sister highly recommends the Musang King (I don’t eat durian). We ate everything within 24 hours, so that should tell you something 😉

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2) Engi Patisserie 缘起

Engi Patisserie 缘起 is a cafe in Cheras that serves a variety of pastries and bakes ranging from bread, cakes, pavlova, and choux. Specifically, vanilla cream puffs. Digressing a little, the pastry chef here is trained in Hokkaido, and back to the food. While the range of choux isn’t wide, vanilla cream puffs are a classic, and those who are looking for other food will also get their fill here as they also serve mains like Big Breakfast, pasta, soba, bagels, and pies among other things. If you dine in, be sure to also get a cup of their coffee or tea to pair with your meal or pastry!

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3) Misu Misu Pâtisserie

Did someone say signature choux puffs and tarts? You’ve come to the right place at Misu Misu Pâtisserie! Their Instagram feed is full of choux puffs and tarts, each looking as delicious as the next. (We had to pause and wipe our drool for a bit there.) Flavours are plentiful here, where you can choose from classic flavours such as French Vanilla or Dark Chocolate, to special flavours including Black Sesame Hazelnut Choux Puff and Durian D24 Choux Puff. As aforementioned, they also bake tarts, as well as cookies, cakes, and brownies.

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4) Chalidious Pastel Pastry

Chalidious Pastel Pastry specialises in bombolonis and cream puffs, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with their range of flavours especially for bombolonis, which are basically cream-filled whole doughnuts (as compared to ring doughnuts). Their cream puffs are filled with custard cream, drizzled with different sauces such as caramel or Nutella to provide that change in flavour. Besides these two offerings, you can also look forward to something called a Dip Doughnut Pizza, so definitely check them out and get one for yourself!

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5) The Ordinary Baker

The Ordinary Baker’s products seem anything but ordinary. They specialise in cream puffs, though they also bake cakes and cookies. Flavours of their cream puffs are categorised into classic and premium flavours, and if you’re looking for something more bite-sized, check out their chouquettes, which are basically mini choux, available in vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry flavours. Quantity of the cream puffs range from box of 9 to box of 36, so choose as you please. And if that’s not enough, there are puff towers for your selection as well–customisable if you so desire.

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6) Sugar Lane Patisserie

A bakery, dessert shop, and cafe all rolled in one, Sugar Lane Patisserie is where to go to get your fill of sweet treats. Their colourfruit choux is immediately attention grabbing since each choux is topped with different fruits of different colours, enticing you to get one of each, at least. Choux aside, there are also croissants, donuts, and brownies among other things for you to sample. If you dine in, you can also opt to get a cup of your favourite beverage to pair with your choux/pastry!

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7) Perky Pastry & Choux Atelier

Its name definitely perks you up to take notice, but wait till you see what they offer. Yakult fans rejoice, for they offer the first Yakult choux in Malaysia. Choux flavours are wide and varied as evidenced above, but Yakult choux definitely stands out among the rest. While the most important thing about food is its taste, Perky Pastry & Choux Atelier doesn’t skimp on presentation as well, and their towers or customised choux are decorated and arranged beautiful for that perfect Instagram shot. We see flowers and such on choux, and we’re not gonna lie: they look good. Choux aside, they also have a selection of tarts if you’re a fan of those.

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8) Sugar and I 

Sugar and I is rather well-known for their cream puffs and bombolinis, so we got us one of those combo boxes consisting of five bombolinis and three cream puffs. Our bombolini flavours consisted of Nutella, Niko Neko Matcha, Milo Dinosaur, White Roasted Almond, and Raspberry Cheese. The fillings for the bombolinis were generous, though we felt like most of them could have a stronger taste according to their flavours. Their cream puffs were the first ones we ever tried, and we were surprised that it was more custard-y–we were expecting fresh cream, but that could just be our expectations. We’ve sent these combo boxes to friends on special occasions and they liked it, so to each their own!

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