8 Things Malaysians Who Live Overseas Can Relate To Every Time They Come Back to Malaysia

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Malaysians who reside overseas, this article is for you. Whether you are abroad because of work or studies, coming back to Malaysia for you is short but action-packed each time . Here are 8 things you can relate to every time you come back to Malaysia for holiday.

1) You are going to eat like there’s no tomorrow

Getting your cravings satisfied is important each time you come back home. You’ll probably have a checklist of what to eat already. And Mamak is a big-big MUST.

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2) You feel that Malaysia is getting hotter each time

The hot weather and sticky skin is probably one of the worst things you’ll feel when you come back to Malaysia, and it’s getting worst each time, especially for those of you residing in cold countries.

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3) Spending time with your family is top priority

You have never been more family-focused and (somehow) you find yourself committing to each and every family outing when you are back.

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4) You plan to meet friends – with one stone

Then, it’s time to catch up with your friends and ideally, to meet them all at once.

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5) The last thing you wanna do is to sleep early

No way! You ain’t gonna waste your time going to bed early. Not in Malaysia with all that supper, drinking sessions and parties to catch up with.

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6) Everything seem so affordable

While Malaysians residing here are complaining about how expensive things are, you’ll find everything so affordable.

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7) And it’s time to stock up!

Be it instant noodles, cigarettes, or dvds, it is a window of opportunity to stock up anything that’s cheaper in Malaysia than in overseas.

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8) Time is never enough

In a blink of an eye, your holiday is over (again). That feeling sucks.

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