8 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

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The popular saying “Fake it Till You Make it” is often synonym when talking about self-confidence. Whether you are a working professional, or an average Joe trying to attract the girl of your dreams, it is essential that you appear confident. Is there a way that we can boost our confidence level even when we are not confident? Well, these 8 tips may help with it!

1) Good Posture

Good posture is all about body language. When talking to another person, always maintain a straight posture, with shoulders straight and chest puffed out. If you are seated, avoid slouching and maintain a straight seating posture.

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2) The Eyes

If you ever attended a seminar and the speaker wasn’t making eye contact with you, what impression did you have of the speaker? Safe to say it wasn’t positive and you thought the speaker wasn’t confident in his own ability. Hence, do maintain eye contact with the person or audience you are facing. If the audience is the size of a lecture hall, a good tip is to mentally split the room into 4 parts and make eye contact with each “part” of the room.

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3) Smile

Nothing says confidence than a 1000 watt smile! It gives the impression that not only are you speaking with confidence, but you are genuinely interested to engage with the other person. After all, smiling makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you present yourself as a more confidence person.

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4) Crack a Joke

If you ever watched stand-up comedy, if the comedian’s first joke is an instant hit with the crowd, you can see the comedian’s body language go up a notch and appears more confident. Hence, where appropriate, do try to sneak in a joke or two during a business presentation and chances are, people will admire your confidence as you had the courage to tell a joke during a business presentation.

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5) Shape Up

Some of the most charismatic and confident people are in good shape, physically. Exercising helps to maintain a healthy body shape and when you appear fit, you will start radiating self-confidence. If you don’t believe this, try visiting your nearest gym and you will see that the people who are in shape, have a more confident body language.

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6) Dress Like a Boss

A fitting suit, fitting shirt and neat hair style screams confidence. Take a look at some of the famous actors and politicians dressing style and you will know how good dressing can make you a confident person!

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7) Speak with Enthusiasm

Ever wonder why some people are likeable and can influence a large crowd? Well, for starters, they speak with enthusiasm. Think back of the times when you was talking to your friends or even strangers on something you were passionate about and you will realize that you was talking with a great degree of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the key to appearing confident!

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8) Body Language

Science has indicated that 80% of communication is in non-verbal gestures, while only 20% is through verbal communication. Body language is a huge differentiator in making people believe in your communication and appearing confident!

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