10 Things Malaysians Say That You Should Never Trust

Image Credit: memesuper.com

Be careful not to get caught by these 10 things that Malaysians may say to you. As they might just mean a different thing. Here are 10 things Malaysian say that you should never take it too seriously. Because here are what they really mean.

1) “I’ll See You At 12.30pm”

Truth: He’ll be there at 1pm.


2) “I’m on the way!”

Truth: He’s still at home.

3) “I’m reaching soon”

Truth: He probably just left his house.

4) “Traffic is so bad today!”

Truth: He’s running late.

5) “I’m so sick I can’t go to work today.”

Truth: It’s 50-50, really.


6) “I can’t drink much.”

Truth: Yeah right.

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7) “I’m Going to Sleep..”

Truth: He needs some private time now, on Facebook.

8) “Business is so bad!”

Truth: Always “bad’..

9) “I’ve got not enough money.”

Truth: ‘No Money.’ Haha

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10) “Let’s catch up soon!”

Truth: Who knows when!