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There is no better time to travel than now with the availability of cheap air fares and flight or travel routes. Several decades ago, the primary reason to travel was for business reasons. In addition, travel during those times were thought to be a luxury and was generally unaffordable. Now, traveling has become a to-do list for many and checking off countries traveled to appears to be the norm. However, traveling often involves copious amount of planning prior to the trip. If you need suggestions on places and experiences, make sure you drop by Travel Inspiration 360.

About Travel Inspiration 360

Keith Yuen, the writer behind the Travel Inspiration 360 writes travel articles on places he has visited. Furthermore, he suggests top 10 things to do in a country/city as well as the occasional food article. Keith loves writing experiences and stories but the more popular articles are the Top 10s and destinations like Japan and Taiwan. He also loves dramatic photos and colours, so most of his articles are highlighting the contrast of the beautiful destinations he showcased on Instagram. In addition, he also just started his own Travel Inspiration 360 YouTube channel.

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The Inspiration Behind This Journey

Travel Inspiration 360 was founded on the 1st of October 2014. Keith was inspired by his father, who had a childhood interest for encyclopedia over story books. He was a traveler and used to share his traveling tales. He was very knowledgeable and well respected by many. The encouragement from Keith’s family and friends were the catalyst that got him to start a website/blog to share with more people outside of my social circle and to inspire others. Hence, the birth of Travel Inspiration 360 with the tagline, “To Inspire and Be Inspired!”.

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Being a Travel Blogger

Being a travel blogger is definitely not an easy feat. Other than requiring passion for traveling and writing, it also involves the various forms of fitness:

  1. Physical fitness – Climbing mountains, swim oceans and carry your own bags/luggage. Traveling is physically tiring, and can be fast paced.
  2. Mental fitness – When you are thrown off at a random exotic/rural places, you have to be mentally strong to overcome unfamiliar situations.
  3. Emotional fitness – Being emotionally strong as you will be away from your loved ones for a period of time. It can be emotionally challenging especially when you are not in a comfortable environment.

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Showing A Whole New World

Keith’s main objective is to continue to inspire people and bring value to readers. By opening and broadening our mindset towards traveling and to explore and challenge ourselves. Only when you are traveling out of your comfort zone, then you will realise how beautiful the world is and learn things about yourself. In this way, we are able to change ourselves, character, mindset, attitude and eventually our lives.

Keith will finish each article with a line of philosophy or quote. He wants to bring value to his readers by gaining insights of the destinations, but also getting inspired to work hard to go for what they wish to achieve. Life is short, make the best out of it. We bring happiness, values, relationships to others, and to ourselves too. Live life to the fullest and never give up on our dreams.

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“Life is not just about how people dictate or following what others are heading or a trend. We are responsible for our own life. What Travel Inspiration 360 pledge to do is to inspire people to travel and work hard to achieve what they want in life.”

– Keith, Travel Inspiration 360

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