6 Healthier Ways To Make French Fries


When it comes to an easy snack that most people would love, french fries easily rank among the top in the list. They are crispy, flavourful and can be addictive too. And yet, french fries have a bad rep for being unhealthy because of the amount of fat, calories and sodium combined. While it’s best to eat them in moderation, there’s always a better alternative to enjoy this otherwise sinfully delicious snack. That being said, here are the 6 Healthier Ways To Make French Fries.

1) Switch To Sweet Potatoes

Always stuck with the usual white potato varieties? Here’s a healthier version instead: sweet potatoes, which contains more fibre that keeps you fuller for longer. Not to mention they are packed with more vitamin A and has a lower GI (glycemic index) compared to the white potatoes. The GI in question, of course, refers to a type of measure of how food can affect our blood sugar levels. If you’re going to make some fries using sweet potatoes, it’s best to keep the skins intact because that’s where you’ll get all those nutrients. And we mean everything from antioxidants to potassium as well as other vitamins including C and E.

Sweet Potato Fries
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2) Bake Them Instead

Sure, those fries fresh from the deep fryer or pan tastes sinfully good and crispy. However, those typical fries that we eat are usually cooked in a large amount of oil, which equals to a whole of fat and calories. What you can do here instead is try baking them for a change. Choose olive oil if possible since it promotes heart health. Place the potatoes (after you slice, boil and drain them beforehand) on a baking sheet coated with olive oil (2 tablespoons would be sufficient for 2 potatoes). Remember to spread them evenly before baking the fries in the oven at 400-450 degrees F for around 40 minutes until they become crisp and golden brown.

Oven-Baked Fries
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3) Try Grilling

Other than baking, you can also try grilling the fries too. It’s healthier than the regular frying method since grilling retains most of the vitamins and minerals. Let’s not forget grilled fries have lower calorie content by comparison.

Grilling French Fries
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4) Use An Air Fryer

If you have an air fryer in the kitchen, use it to make fries. This kitchen appliance requires less oil and this also goes for frying food like chicken and yes, potatoes as well. By using a minimum amount of oil, that means you’ll be consuming fewer calories and fat content.

French Fries Using An Air Fryer
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5) Forget About Salting Them

Salt and fries are like an inseparable pair. No doubt that tossing some salt all over the fries helps to enhance the taste and makes them more appetising. However, if you want to opt for the healthier choice, skip the salt and go for the spices instead. There are a few examples you can flavour your fries with here. This includes the likes of rosemary, thyme and paprika. Others like cinnamon pairs well with sweet potatoes.

French Fries with Rosemary
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6) Substitute With Other Ingredients

Sweet potatoes may be a healthier option compared to white potatoes. But why just stick to potatoes when you can actually use other ingredients to make fries? For instance, try oven-baked sliced avocados which gives you a crispy exterior while remains soft and buttery on the inside.

Avocado Fries
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You can substitute potatoes with carrots too, which is packed with vitamin A and C as well as beta carotene that promotes better eye health.

Carrot Fries
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Need more suggestions? Opt for zucchini, where you can bread and bake them in the oven until they turn golden brown. Zucchini fries are packed with nutrients like vitamin C and riboflavin (vitamin B2), where the latter is beneficial for your digestive and skin health.

Zucchini Fries
Image Credit: wellplated.com

Then, there’s beetroot. You can turn this root vegetable into fries by peeling the skin and slicing them lengthwise. Next, bake them just like we have mentioned earlier in point no. 2. The beetroot itself has loads of nutrients such as calcium, vitamin C, iron and potassium. And it also happens to be low in calories, making beetroot fries an ideal snack for weight watchers.

Beetroot Fries
Image Credit: delightfulmomfood.com