Innovative College Students Build App That Wins Syed Saddiq’s Praise

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With the Internet’s ability to reach millions of people at a time, many videos and incidents easily go viral. We have had many viral videos that bring shame and disappointment when watching it. On a good note, recently these college students created an app that can start a motorcycle.

Many of us know that cars nowadays can be started with just the push of a button. However, many motorcycles are not on par and require the driver to turn a key to start the engine.

How The App Works

In a video that recently went viral on Twitter, a few college students are seen showing a demonstration of their invention. First, one of them shows how the motorcycle engine can be switched on using the app.

After that, another guy uses his IC or student card to switch off the motorcycle engine. He appears to press his card up against a card reader which in turn signals the engine to switch off.

The first guy then shows that on the app you can see the change in information to show that the engine is switched off. He then explains that the app uses a two-way communication system to ensure the user can see everything.

To conclude the video, the second guy then turns on the engine using his IC by pressing it against the same card reader. As the sound of the engine turning on is heard, his friends give the typical Malaysian reaction of ‘Weyyyy‘ to show how impressed they are.

The Virality Of It

The Tweet went so viral that even Syed Saddiq, MP of Muar, took notice of it. He took the time to retweet the video and praise the creativity and innovative spirit of the guys.

In his tweet he also mentions that if negative videos can go viral, then videos like these must also go viral. The negative video that he is referencing is the recent one where two boys are seen pinching and opening packets of food in Family Mart.

In a second tweet, it is revealed that the students are supposedly from Mara-Japan Industrial Institue.

The initial Tweet has received plenty of praises from netizens, encouraging them to continue their work. Some raised questions on the practicality of it but were silenced by others saying this is simply a prototype. The function of a prototype is to communicate an idea and intention but with room for improvement.

It seems that there is a need for innovation and creativity in students today to inspire greater things. We would like to encourage the guys to keep up the great work and also to everyone to keep exploring.