Top 10 Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Top 10 Omakase Restaurants in Singapore
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Omakase style meals are a favourite amongst Japanese food enthusiasts who are keen on sampling a variety of dishes made exclusively by the chef. There are many such establishments popping up in Singapore, helmed by Japanese chefs. Here are 10 Omakase Restaurants in Singapore you should definitely check out.

1) Koji Sushi Bar

Koji Sushi Bar

Koji Sushi Bar will envelope you into their warm and inviting atmosphere, with a minimalist interior that’s modern and classy. It’s a sushi and sashimi only establishment, which by day caters to office crowds, and by night features an 8/10 course omakase menu that is served with sake and shochu, perfect to unwind with after a tiring day. The omakase meals will set you back at either $98 or $128 per person. | FB: Koji Sushi Bar

2) Shinzo Japanese Cuisine

Shinzo Japanese Cuisine

Shinzo was founded by Chef Lawrence Chia, who has more than 23 years of experience as a shokunin – or sushi artisan. He even trained under famous Chef Yoshio Nogawa. At Shinzo, you will get to indulge in quality sushi made from the freshest ingredients, all flown in from Japan. In addition to ensuring the food is up to par, Chef Chia is also one to take pride in the hospitality aspect of his restaurant. Chef Chia’s menu is certainly unique, even including ingredients like foie gras and century egg. | FB: shinzojc | IG: @shinzojc

3) Sushi Kimura

Sushi Kimura

Designed with intimacy in mind, Sushi Kimura is a 22-seater fine-dining sushi establishment that harkens back to traditional Japanese designs. Chef Kimura has also included personal touches and heirlooms within the space, which gives it an authenticity that is unmatched. The food there is fresh and uses ingredients imported from Japan. They are located on Orchard Road, and you can make reservations online. | FB: | IG: @sushikimurasg

4) Hashida Sushi Singapore

Hashida Sushi Singapore

Visit Hashida to “embark on a culturally invigorating journey” and experience Japan in a truly special way. Here, premium grade sushi is served omakase style. Hashida’s origins began in Tokyo back in 1966, with Master Sushi Chef Tokio Hashida at the helm. Today, his son Kenjiro Hashida is in charge of Hashida’s Singapore outlet. Omakase dinner meals will cost between $350 – $500. Meals here feature heirloom recipes – like the family’s secret sauce that was created over 135 years ago. | FB: hashidasushisg | IG: @hashidasushisg

5) Ryo Sushi

Ryo Sushi

If you’d prefer an omakase style meal that’s more affordable, Ryo Sushi is here to provide just that. Note though that you will need to make a reservation as their dinner seats are limited. Chef Roy is passionate about sushi, and it shows in the food served. So relax and unwind in this chic sushi bar. Ryo Sushi is located within Orchid Hotel, and they’re closed on Sundays. | FB: ryosushi | IG: @ryosushisg

6) Ki-Sho Japanese Cuisine

Ki-Sho Japanese Cuisine

Put on your best outfit before you head to Ki-Sho, and be ready to have your soul uplifted by the delicious food prepared here. This gorgeous restaurant is tucked away on Scotts Road, and the interior is so warm and comforting, almost like you are dining in the home of a close friend. Here, you will get the chance to sample food that stays true to Kyoto cuisine. Ingredients are air flown from Japan twice a week. | FB: KiShosg | IG: @kishosg



If fusion food is more your style, then IKYU should be on your list of restaurants to visit. This restaurant is modern and while Japanese food is definitely at the forefront, there is a distinct French and American influence in the dishes too. It truly is a case of East meets West here. Ingredients are flown in from Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market. | FB: | IG: @ikyusushibar

8) Matsuya Sushi Bar

Matsuya Sushi Bar

This Japanese restaurant is cozy enough to seat 30 comfortably and is located at Seah Street. They opened in May of 2016, and have since become well known for their Omakase set meals, that are said to be of great value. In fact, the Omakase meals start from $88, which gets you an 8-course dinner. You can book a table via their website. | FB: MatsuyaSushiBar | IG: @matsuyasushibar

9) Sushi Mieda

Sushi Mieda

At Sushi Mieda, you can expect haute cuisine crafted by one-Michelin star Kaiseki Master, Chef Nobumasa Mieda. Check out their Sushi Omakase, and while you’re at it, enjoy the stunning view of Singapore’s skyline. Reserve a spot online via their website so you won’t be disappointed. | IG: @sushimieda | IG: @sushimieda

10) Teppei


The Omakase dinners here are so popular, you’d do well to book in advance using their online booking engine. It’s a cosy little nook that seats 22 just nicely, so it is rather intimate where spacing is concerned. Their Facebook is a good place for updates, as they even notify fans when a booking has been cancelled – opening up a spot for anyone who is waiting to try their meals.

FB: teppeiomakase

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