20 Brands You Didn’t Know Were From Singapore

Singapore, city of the merlion, is only a stone’s throw away from Malaysia. But how well do you actually know our neighbouring country? Take a look at this list and see how many brands you knew were from Singapore!

1) Razer Inc.

Founders: Tan Min-Liang, Robert Krakoff
Year of Establishment: 2005
What It Is: High-performance gaming hardware, software and systems manufacturer
Fun Fact: Razer Inc. has two headquarters; in Singapore and in San Diego

Image Credit: thegadgetflow.com

2) TWG (The Wellbeing Group) Tea

Founders:  Taha Bouqdib, Manoj M. Murjani, Maranda Barnes
Year of Establishment: 2008
What It Is: A tea company that promotes itself as a luxury brand
Fun Fact: The year “1837” in its logo is actually a tribute to the year when the Chamber of Commerce was founded in Singapore

TWG Tea will open its first North American location in Vancouver this December, which will be modelled after other TWG Tea salons such as this one in Taipei, Taiwan.
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Founders: Douglas and Odile Benjamin
Year of Establishment: 2002
What It Is: A clothing label that started off as a men’s label, before expanding into womenswear
Fun Fact: It made its international debut in 2010, and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wore a RAOUL piece during her visit to Singapore in 2012

The Kate Effect Middletons Raoul Outfit Sparks Spike In Sales
Image Credit: luxury-insider.com

4) World Scientific Publishing Company

Founders: Phua Kok Khoo, Doreen Liu
Year of Establishment: 1981
What It Is: An academic publisher of scientific, technical, and medical books and journals
Fun Fact: It is the largest international scientific publisher in the Asia-Pacific region

Image Credit: kortext.com

5) Axe Brand Universal Oil

Founder: Leung Yun Chee
Year of Establishment: 1928
What It Is: A medicated oil suitable for relief of giddiness, headache, blocked nose and cold, stomachache, insect bites, rheumatic pain, and muscular pain
Fun Fact: A German physician gave Leung the recipe for the oil

Image Credit: ebay.in

6) Xmi Private Limited (X-mini)

Founders: Ryan Lee, Reuben Lee, Barry Choo
Year of Establishment: 2006
What It Is: A technological company with a focus on introducing the newest wave of multimedia products to the global market
Fun Fact: Xmi’s range of capsule speakers have won many awards, including the red dot design award, which it won for five times

X-Mini II XAM4-B Portable Capsule Speaker Mono Black
Image Credit: yaoota.com

7) Browhaus

Founder: Cynthia Chua
Year of Establishment: 2004
What It Is: An eyebrow and eyelash grooming chain
Fun Fact: British journalist, author and Vogue contributor Francesca Segal got her brows done at Browhaus Covent Garden in 2013

Photo of Browhaus - New York, NY, United States. Microblading but we like to call it Brow Resurrection for this semi-permanent treatment!
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8) OSIM International Limited

Founder: Ron Sim
Year of Establishment: 1980
What It Is: A household appliance turned healthcare brand that mainly focuses on massage chairs
Fun Fact: The name “OSIM” is a combination of the founder’s surname “Sim”, and the “O”, which represents the globe

Osim Prizes
Image Credit: lonelytravelog.com

9) Thai Express (SG)

Founders: Grace Goh-Lee, Ivan Lee
Year of Establishment: 2002
What It Is: A chain of restaurants serving Thai cuisine
Fun Fact: It is one of the few Thai restaurants in Singapore to serve Thai laksa, and they serve eight varieties of laksa

Image Credit: danielfooddiary.com

10) Akira

Parent Company: TT International Limited
Year of Establishment: 1994
What It Is: An electronic brand that offers all sorts of products, from audio-visual gadgets to household appliances
Fun Fact: It launched Singapore’s First 3D Blu-ray Smart LED TV

Image Credit: thesmartlocal.com

11) Charles & Keith International Private Limited

Founders: Charles Wong, Keith Wong
Year of Establishment: 1996
What It Is: A fast-fashion footwear and accessories brand
Fun Fact: In 2017, they launched a Winter Collection in Qatar, featuring minimalist, functional, sports-inspired and revamped vintage styles

Image Credit: marieclaire.com.my

12) Pedro Shoes

Parent Company: Charles and Keith International Private Limited
Year of Establishment: 2006
What It Is: A footwear and accessories brand
Fun Fact: Pedro was created originally to cater for the working man, before launching into the women’s line in 2008

Image Credit: thestylechoreo.blogspot.com

13) Tiger Balm

Founder: Aw Chu Kin
Time of Establishment: The 1870s
What It Is: A pain-relief ointment
Fun Fact: Aw was a Chinese herbalist who was working in the Emperor’s court, and he named his two sons Boon Haw (“gentle tiger”) and Boon Par (“gentle leopard”)

Image Credit: tigerbalm.com

14) Banyan Tree Holdings Limited

Founders: Ho Kwon Ping, Ho Kwon Cjan, Claire Chiang
Year of Establishment: 1994
What It Is: An international hospitality brand that manages and develops resorts, hotels and spas
Fun Fact: It started when Ho Kwon Ping and wife Claire were vacationing in Phuket, and thought that it was an ideal location to build a resort

Image result for banyan tree hotel
Image Credit: banyantree.com

15) Fish N Co.

Founders: Ricky Choo, Lambert Yeo
Year of Establishment: 1998
What It Is: Fresh seafood with a concept of being of served right from the pan
Fun Fact: Choo and Yeo left their jobs at Singapore Airlines to pursue their passion in the food business

Image Credit: lifesimplepleasures.net

16) COMO Hotels & Resorts

Founder: Christina Ong (nee Fu)
Year of Establishment: 2000
What It Is: A hotel chain
Fun Fact: Christina is also known as the “Queen of Bond Street” (in London) because of the number of properties she owns on the street

Wellness and Spa - COMO Metropolitan Miami Beach
Image Credit: comohotels.com

17) Gryphon Tea Company

Founder: Lim Tian Wee
Year of Establishment: 2006
What It Is: A tea company that crafts its tea using exotic and experimental ingredients
Fun Fact: Lim is the fourth-generation owner of Lim Lam Thye Private Limited, and the family has been in the tea business for almost 100 years

Gryphon Tea Earl Grey Lavender, Black tea with bergamot, Lavender, Artisanal tea
Image Credit: gryphontea.com

18) Three Legs Cooling Water

Parent Company: Wen Ken Group
Year of Establishment: 1937
What It Is: A type of water that is said to be effective in dispelling “heatiness” from the body
Fun Fact: Cool Rhino water is a product extension of Three Legs Cooling Water

Three Legs Cooling Water 200ml X 10
Image Credit: lelong.com.my

19) Tiger Beer

Parent Company: Heineken Asia Pacific
Year of Establishment: 1932
What It Is: A 5% alcohol by volume pale lager
Fun Fact: It is Singapore’s first locally brewed beer

Image result for tiger beer
Image Credit: manila-wine.com

20) BreadTalk Group Limited

Founders: George Quek, Katherine Lee
Year of Establishment: 2000
What It Is: A multinational food and beverage corporation
Fun Fact: It owns the Din Tai Fung restaurants in Singapore and Thailand

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