Street Artists Are Taking Over Kuala Lumpur With Beautiful Mural Art

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Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) is working on transforming Kuala Lumpur into a street art capital. This will include the use of beautiful giant mural paintings that will run through back lanes and in between buildings. Locals and tourists alike will soon enjoy the paintings in Lorong Sultan and Lorong Petaling. The project takes inspiration from other cities that are famous for the creativity of street artists.

Street Artists are Taking Over

street artists are beautifying kuala lumpur
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Petaling Street is a famous tourist spot and is also a trademark of Kuala Lumpur. Meanwhile, lovers of anything antique tend to frequent Pasar Karat. However, the back lanes tend to scare off locals and tourists alike who regard it as unsafe to walk through. Therefore, this project will give these lanes a cleaner, safer, and more cheerful environment.

Our street artists will create murals that feature the area’s history alongside rustic signage. Each area will have a different concept, theme, and identity which can also depend on suggestions by the community.

street art in kuala lumpur
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Furthermore, the drainage system will also go under and upgrade to improve the lanes during heavy rain. Moreover, there will be a recolouring of the pavement and additional street lights.

Besides just improving the aesthetics of the area, the street artists will work towards a picture perfect scene. This can be achieved through the use of beautiful nature. Anyone who walks by should be tempted to take an Instagrammable photo.

What’s the Point?

street art in kuala lumpur
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Moving on, the benefits of this project is firstly to improve the atmosphere of the city. It will help to boost the image of Kuala Lumpur and promote it as a beautiful place to visit. Additionally, it will increase the rental value of shop lots and create employment and business opportunities. Ultimately, the project also aims to help encourage tourists to visit the area and boost the economic sector.

There are also two other projects in the work which involve setting up a pocket garden at the intersection of Jalan Rembia as well as a food festival. These are still in the works and are currently in the planning stage.

Street Art in Ipoh
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Street artists in Malaysia are frequently employed to work on amazing street art around Malaysia. In fact, the mural art scene in Malaysia is booming! For example, it is definitely common to see locals and tourists posing and taking pictures with the charming street art in Penang.

Additionally, Kuala Terengganu, Ipoh, Melaka, Sibu, Kuching, and more places boast picturesque street art. Malaysia in general is a country that enjoys the beauty of murals, paintings, and other street art. It is a great way for street artists to showcase their skills while contributing to the beauty of cities around Malaysia.