15 Super Weird Job Titles That Are Real Jobs

Let’s face it, if you’re going to be working as “something” for a long time, you might as well get a cool name to go with it. Instead of just calling yourself manager or director, people nowadays are going for ninja, guru, hero, genius and rockstar. But even those are nothing compared to some extremely creative people who have come up with job titles for themselves or others. Here, we take a look at 15 super weird job titles which are all real jobs!

1) Professional Sleeper

Let’s start simple. It’s not a weird title, but the job is super cool. In Finland, a hotel hired a staff member to sleep, test and review the comfort of their beds. All the employee had to do was sleep in different hotel beds each night and write reviews about her satisfaction with each. Sign me up!

Image Credit: thecrazyfacts.com

2) Bride Kidnapping Expert

Sounds like a dodgy job, but it isn’t! In fact, Russell Kleinbach who holds this title is an advocate for women who are kidnapped into marriage. He’s a researcher and professor emeritus of sociology of Philadelphia University, and he basically studies the patterns of “bride kidnapping” in Eurasia.

Image Credit: weddingideasmag.com

3) Meme Librarian

Officially, you’d be a content and community associate, but why use that when meme librarian sounds so much cooler and more easily understandable? Started at Tumblr, this job entails watching trends and creating archives for the historic, memorable ones.

Image Credit: lifewire.com

4) Dean of Pizza

There are two things you need to know. Pizza Hut has a Pizza Hut Academy that trains employees. You can’t have an academy without a dean. Boom! There you go! The Dean of Pizza is born. We can’t help but wonder what a Dean of Pizza does though… any ideas?

Image Credit: pepper.ph

5) Twisted Brother

????? This job title actually refers to a balloon artist, which all makes sense now. You know, because a balloon artist has to twist balloons to form shapes? If one is a female, I guess she would be a twisted sister.

Image Credit: medium.com

6) Swiss Army Knife

Yes, this is a real job, and no, you do not need to cut anybody down. A “Swiss Army Knife” actually refers to someone who is a jack-of-all-trades, particularly in a startup. One who does a bit of everything because ain’t nobody got enough funds to employ employees to cover every role yet.

Image Credit: engineering.upside.com

7) Five-a-day Collection Operative

Take a guess at what this means. We’ll let you keep trying. No? Okay, we’ll tell you. It’s actually just a super fancy name for… fruit picker. Sorry if you were thinking about high-flying corporate jobs! Why five-a-day though, we couldn’t figure out!

Image Credit: thedearlab.com

8) Chief Play Officer

There are plenty of Chief-Something-Officers out there, but what exactly is a Chief Play Officer? Well, Toys “R” Us hires a child every year to test out their toys before they are shelved. However, seeing as Toys “R” Us (in the US) has ceased operations, we’re unsure if this job is still available.

Image Credit: todaysparent.com

9) Oyster Floater

This job is exactly what it says it is. All you do is float oysters in the water till they’re clean and free of impurities. We must say it’s quite a tedious but important job all the same!

Image Credit: forbes.com

10) Expert Upsetter

Thinking that your husband is the perfect candidate for this job? Think again. An expert upsetter is someone who sets up and operates a closed-die forging machine. In other words, it involves skilled machinery operations.

Image Credit: zdas.com

11) Transparency Enhancement Facilitator

Wah, so atas ah? Sounds like a coveted, high-paying job, doesn’t it? In reality, this is an alternative job title for window cleaner. Read the job title again. Transparency enhancement… of the glass. Get it now? (Ha ha.)

Image Credit: inhi-fi.com

12) Wizard of Light Bulb Moments

Pretty cool name, which actually means “Marketing Director”. But hey, whoever came up with this job title is probably pretty good at marketing anyway to have this sort of idea!

Image Credit: tinobusiness.com

13) Pornography Historian

Uh… okay? Turns out there’s a job that requires people to study and keep records of how porn was brought into existence, as well as its evolution. We didn’t know this was an area of study, but there you go.

Image Credit: reddit.com

14) Hair Boiler

This is also an obvious, if unconventional, job. A hair boiler boils animal hair until it curls. The curled animal hair is used in various products thereafter. Well, it’s not our thing but someone’s gotta do it if products require it!

Elephant Hair, Hair, Animal Hair, Hard Hair

15) Chick Sexer

Last but not least, we also have this job title that is extremely literal. Can you guess what a chick sexer does? He/she determines the gender of chicks! If we’re being completely honest, we wouldn’t mind being a chick sexer for a day, thanks to adorable, fluffy chicks!

Image Credit: dailymail.co.uk

What other weird job titles have you encountered, or given yourself before? Let us know in the comments below!